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Curious case of why specialist clinic yet to see patients from from within own region

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In April (2019) we reported on the launch of a brand new NHS treatment clinic in Oxford for people with OCD and anxiety, led by Professor Paul Salkovskis. The Oxford Health Specialist Psychological Intervention Centre (OHSPIC) based at Warneford Hospital in Oxford began accepting referrals from across the country from late April 2019.

Whilst the clinic has seen patients from various parts of the country, there remains the curious case of why the clinic is yet to see a single person from within its own region, anywhere across Oxfordshire.

In figures obtained by OCD-UK at the time of writing, there have been 35 requests for referral to the Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust (OGFT) from across Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire (the regions served by this local mental health trust). There have also been six referral requests to the Oxfordshire Clinical Commission Group (CCG). Both the OHFT and the CCG have confirmed that they did not approve any of those requests.

To summarise, at this time, no one from across Oxfordshire or Buckinghamshire has received treatment at the Oxford Health Specialist Psychological Intervention Centre (OHSPIC).

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It all goes back to the creation of Trusts in the late 1990s with the decentralisation of hospitals into profit centres and the use of public/private finance initiative and the internal market with the purchaser currently the CCGs and the providers the trusts. We have a relatively low cost health service as measured by percentage of GDP spent on health. Just compare with the Netherlands, Germany and France. And the most  expensive health care system in the world, the US, where huge sums goes on admin. If I lived in Oxfordshire I think I would write and lobby the CCG.

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