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A Sobering Anniversary, But So Glad We Have OCD-UK

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What has been lost to the pandemic in terms of lives, livelihoods and mental health scars is massive.

But through it all our wonderful charity, run by its trustees, staff moderators and volunteers,  with input from the members and bulletin board users - and with wonderful input from its patrons and certain mental health professionals, has remained there for us .A magnificent resource to turn to, get support guidance inspiration, source materials.

And it is mentioned as a help resource by the mental health organisation from which I am currently having therapy.

Thank you everyone for all that has been, and is being, done for sufferers, their friends and families, and everyone affected by OCD during this dreadful pandemic.

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I think we might also thank all those hardy souls that combined with the charity to find ways to raise valuable sponsorship monefunding  for the running of the organisation and the valuable work it does.

For those that bought from the shop, or from Amazon through the link where the charity gets a small amount on each transaction, or just those who made donations of what they could afford, or became a member.

We all play a part, even if all we can do is help others via the forum.

We aren't out of these woods yet, and we don't truly know what lies ahead. 

But what we do know is we can rely on OCD-UK being there for us, whatever.

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If you buy from Amazon folks, do set up your account to be through Amazon Smile, and your designated charity to be OCD-UK. 

I have done that. And just ordered an Amazon echo dot 4th generation smartspeaker for my birthday. Amazon will give OCD-UK 0.5% of the order, so I am raising money for the charity just by buying on Amazon. 

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It's scary how the time flies.  I've been here on the forum for 17 years now.  During that time I've "met" thousands of lovely people, some briefly, others over several years.  It's nice to see people improve and move on with their lives.  It's always good when some of them pop back with an update.  I think we've made quite an impact in the OCD world and continue to raise awareness  and help people with their recovery

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As a relatively new user (approx 9 months now) I completely agree with you @taurean.

I was at my wits end before I found this forum. And suffering in silence for over 25 years with no idea why I was the way I am. I used to describe myself as 'having a monster in my head' and I wasn't saying that to make a joke either.

Now I'm in CBT - still feeling the ups and downs of it all, as I guess must of us do each day - but feeling for the first time in my life I understand the 'monster in my head' and that I now have the chance to change things.

Thank you for everyone who has played a part in the forum and charity. You do make such a difference.

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I was discussing this issue of the monster with my therapist last session (back in therapy after a bad relapse). 

She wanted to dig a little deeper into my perceptions of OCD. 

For me, it's not so much about chemical imbalances - because if it was, then correcting them would correct the OCD. I more favour the idea that, for whatever reason, the brain's frontal lobes are miscommunicating, creating false or exaggerated thinking - which then formulates the OCD. 

This then takes the appearance of a monster bullying us and looking to restrict our lives through unhelpful rules and rituals, physical or mental. 

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