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Lockdown For Larks and Owls

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Are you a lark or an owl? 

And as such, how are you coping with lockdown? 

I am a lark (my wife is an owl) so we have to work around this. E.g. She doesn't really acknowledge any start to the day till about 11.00hrs! And only wants to go for a walk about 14.30 hrs. 

As a retired businessman who was up and out of the door at 07.15, those differences become far more meaningful in retirement and, furthermore, in lockdown. 

And the winter, in lockdown, has been a challenge - especially as, being vulnerable at over 70, we truly felt that we had to use online grocery shopping and delivery until we had had the vaccine and waited 3 weeks for full effect. 

Well as a lark I wake early, but read or meditate till time to give my wife her hypothyroidism meds (which she has to take with water an hour before breakfast) then listen to the radio before a gentle process of washing shaving dressing and preparing breakfast. 

After breakfast I tend to stroll down into the beautiful village, which still has its character (and thatched properties) although now connected to the town. I now often pop into the bakery, which serves coffee and pastries for takeaway, and sit on a bench staring across the road to my friend's café - where normally I would socialise many mornings a week. 

Returning home to our retirement bungalow there will be chores to do, a little cleaning, but then I can go to the loft room, play the radio, go online or paint. 

Lunch is 13.30 and Julie takes her walk an hour later and settles to watch TV. She can spend hours watching Catfish, home improvement or the usual girlie TV shows. 

Now it is better weather the garden is available for some gardening, and an occasional drive to the garden centre or into town is a joy, though not much open in town. 

After dinner together (often watching TV) I tend to fade by 20.00 hrs and retire to listen to music and read. 

Julie will mooch about, watch TV listen to radio, do puzzles till 00.30 

It's not life as we usually know it, but the vaccine has given us more freedom. 

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I am very much a lark - whether I want to be or not lol - my brain is up and awake!! I would like to be more like Julie but i can't lie in for love nor money. So lockdown actually works pretty well for me in this respect - i'm not obliged to stay up late for social occasions etc, so i can to to bed early like the granny I am :D 

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I'd like to be more like Julie too! 

Aside from her white coat hypertension (phobia on medical matters) she is pretty laid back, just like her Dad. 

Her Mum was a worrier and black and white thinker, so the dominant genes were her Dad's. 

When Julie has a depression, it only usually lasts 2 days! 

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I'm 100% Owl and always have been from being a baby (according to my Mum).  I wake about 9am, I go to bed about 2am.  My Husband is the opposite, a Lark.  He's up about 5.45am everyday.  Maybe that's why we've been married such a ,long time :D

I can't imagine being up at that time on a dark December morning, I mean, what do you do?  I'm at my most efficient from about 3pm to 10pm.

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Do you know, I think I am now becoming both a lark, and an owl. 

I don't seem to need much sleep at night, and like to doze anyway in the evening, and during a siesta. 

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