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  2. The CT side of CBT is important in the sense of developing new therapeutic responses to intrusive thoughts. In contrast though, CT when it involves trying to point out the irrational nature of your intrusive thoughts during a spike is detrimental for long term recovery. I believe the Behavioural Therapy side of CBT is most important in the sense that you need to teach yourself via exposure and feeling discomfort that nothing bad will happen. It's one thing to be taught what to do, but you can only recover unless you put that education into practice. I found this article on CBT for OCD helpful : https://www.ocdonline.com/cbtforocd
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  4. I am in support of erp as I believe in learning by doing. I understood at an intellectual level the irrationality of my behaviour. But only by changing my behaviour did I really or deeply learn. So at heart I believed in behaviouralist led therapy. But preparing the groundwork by cognitive insights. ERP is learning by doing. How do you challenge a thought? By testing it. So if you feel the need to check all the plugs before you leave your property you need not to test them. The cognitive groundwork should prepare you to take this risk. I catastrophise a lot. I am aware of this cognitive bias. But you need to put the thoughts into context. By putting them in context you defeat OCD. So if you catastrophise about plugs and sockets you do not repeatedly check them. Nothing happens, you learn a lesson. If you catastrophise about a running tap causing a flood. You do not check. Nothing happens, you learn a lesson. Step by step you learn lessons not to catastrophise. Learning is incremental and cumulative. You learn by practical experiments -by cumulative learning - not to catastrophise. This is deep seated learning which lasts. If CBT does not involve behavioural experiments then it is by definition not CBT.
  5. You need to rephrase in your mind. You don't know there are germs from a plunger in the bin. Your mind is telling you that, but you cannot confirm it to be true. Secondly, so what if their car door was close to the bin? Like, so what? These are the kind of conversations you need to have with yourself.
  6. It should be a mix but a big part of CBT is challenging your mind through ERP. The root of all problems with OCD are compulsions. Compulsions are a behavior. Thus the emphasis on changing behavior.
  7. Hi petal You really really need to stop analysing this. I know you feel like you can solve it if you really try but you can't - that's not how ocd works. You need to leave this alone. It will make you feel anxious and like you have to keep digging. But you don't. That's just a lie ocd tells you. Put this down, leave it be, focus on now.
  8. Hi Everyone, I was just wondering whether any other forum-users have experienced CBT where there has been more of an emphasis on Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) and less emphasis on managing the underlying cognitive biases that lead to the compulsions? At the moment I am just having talking therapy sessions with a Counselling Psychologist but in the past my CBT therapists have been focused on ERP and the only thought challenging involved identifying (but not really learning how to manage) patterns of thinking such as 'All or nothing thinking' and 'Catastrophizing'; which I did not find helpful!
  9. Well? I really don’t want to go into another week with this...? I can’t do it to him my guy.. it’s his nans funeral this week too!
  10. This happens to my other half - she is always being told she looks exactly like so and so! Can be unnerving! But I agree with Hal I think the urge to look at cctv is ocd getting its claws in.
  11. Thanks for that Hal. Yes I have a doppelgänger. The comments for men and women are friendly. So no need to worry. But I thought I was so unique!
  12. For the life of me I can’t see why this warrants a professional opinion....it’s seems to be just a case of mistaken identity to me, that as you’ve identified Angst the is OCD trying to get its hooks into with the idea to check CCTV etc. I think I would just say Hi, quickly say you have a doppelgänger, haven’t met the individual and leave it there. This isn’t psychosis imo, just regular OCD starting to latch onto a rare situation, that I think you could nip in the bud Angst.
  13. The judgement of what? That x number of people mistook me for somebody else? How would they do that? The answer is to go into the pub where the man said he drunk with me and ask to see the video recordings. All public places are videoed nowadays. But this is pointless you have defined me as a psychotic. So please absent yourself from this thread. We had a similar conflict before.
  14. Please let a professional do the judgement.
  15. Interestingly comment. That is why I said willing to undergo any test. So you do not believe in mistaken identity? In fact I believe mistaken identity is pretty common. I think the reaction to mistaken identity is in the sphere of OCD. No problem checking reality. My question was should I do so.
  16. Hello Angst, my advice to you would be to go the hospital or tell a qualifed person about those thoughts if you could do so. If this is OCD the person will tell you not to worry, I don't think we are qualified to dismiss it as someone else than OCD.
  17. Hi Ashley, I would love to be referred to the Oxford Clinic but I'm a bit concerned about asking my CMHT for a referral. Do you know whether the clinic will ever accept central/ national funding?
  18. I woke up this morning following a weird sexual dream, I just batted it off as that and haven’t thought anymore about it. Had an early night, no excitement or drinking! But why didn’t I get that, or wasn’t 💯 sure of that when I had the same last Sunday when I woke up with (not sure if it was a dream or thought re having been fing£@d on night out with partner). Do you think it was because the alcohol was there so a doubt? I woke up with the dizziness etc. But could that have been the effects of dehydration, hangover causing confusion. I’m dead set that last night was a dream just wish I had that certainty that last week was too? And cause I haven’t with that I’m questioning when more if it happened?
  19. Just to clarify. I do not believe that the double is a genetic replica but our appearances must be broadly similar in terms of facial features, body shape, dress sense and demeanour. Today I greeted a woman who I did not know. Is that a correct response? If a person misidentifies by name should I correct them? I have done this four times it causes embarrassment and a lot of time. Should I ask shops and pubs and suchlike to show me their video recordings in order to identify the double? Should I CHECK and disconfirm that they have mistaken me especially if they use the wrong name or simply say hello? I tend to check and disconfirm at the moment. Is this the right strategy for OCD?
  20. Distraction, distraction, distraction! Start you’re birthday with a nice coffee and breakfast followed by a walk! Get away from flat even if just a couple of hours so you can’t clean. Sit with anxiety that it’s not being done, don’t think about it, focus mind on what you’re doing I.e walking, take each step, look around, savour the taste of your breakfast. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you deserve it to be happy 😃
  21. Over the past month or so people on the street, in shops, on public transport and in pubs have acknowledged me and said hello. But I do not recognise those people. Some greet me with a name that is not my own. One man greeted me on the street yesterday. I said that I did not recognise him. He said we meet in a pub the previous night. But I have not been in that pub for over a year. And was not in the neighbourhood that night. I can really appreciate the novel entitled The Double by Dostoyevsky and a fine film by Richard Ayolade in 2013. It is upsetting. What if my double offends someone or breaks a law? So I am beginning experience some anxiety. I know my name. I was not in the places where my greeters said I was. I am certain I am not psychotic or demented and willing to take any test. How would people deal with this? Have others experienced the social effect of having a double?
  22. Hey everyone, I am struggling at trying to be perfect. I realise there is no such thing but I want to be a good person, I want to be like celebrities and how they portray themselves on YouTube as perfect, (I realise we only see a tiny slice of their life in the videos they upload). I am struggling with sleeping too much, then I end up cleaning my flat from the day before and then I watch TV and have dinner and that's the day done. I am mostly struggling with cleanliness. I feel bad when I pick a spot etc. I am feeling really down and it's my Birthday tomorrow- I really don't want to be up all night doing my compulsions. Any advice? Thank you.
  23. My parents car door was close to the wheelie bin with the toilet plunger germs My fear is touching that door handle. I sometimes have to go in that car but I may suffer a lot of anxiety or ocd if I touch the door handle?
  24. Aw I would love to go but have family visiting. Will there be any other OCDuk events this summer?
  25. I totally agree - we have to get comfortable with feeling unsure, uncomfortable and doubtful, with never solving it (whatever "it" is).
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