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  1. Riding 100 miles for the charity this weekend on Sunday on the old Olympic road race route. Starts at Olympic Park > central London > Surrey Hills > Wimbledon > Finish in front of Buckingham Palace.

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    2. Gemma7


      Ashley is approximately half way, yeah! 

    3. gingerbreadgirl


      How did it go ashley? Hope you had a great time!

    4. Ashley


      Thank you everyone for sponsoring.  I did it, it was challenging but 95 mile course (a hill was closed due to accident shortening to 95 from 100) but getting to and from start/finish line I did about 110 miles cycling on the day.    I did it in a time of 7hr 40 which is slow, but I had to stop 7 times to get water/pee so that added at least 5 minutes per stop and a few bottlenecks and accidents meant we were held at times so I lost at least 20-30 minutes there.  My target is to get under 7 hours next year.  Will post about an OCD issue later.

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