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  1. stopthinking

    Identifying all my compulsions

    So is it likely to have really bad days during recovery. I say this because iv been trying so hard and doing ok with not doing compulsion but feel quite bad today and feel back to square one.
  2. stopthinking

    Some observations on exposures

    Hi LB Can you explain a little more on this. Can an exposure be not reacting to an intrusive thought and sitting with the anxiety? I've been trying to spike my anxiety but find it rises higher when I'm caugt off guard. Can I treat this as an exposure? Thanks.
  3. stopthinking

    Why can't we reassure ourselves?

    Wow snowbear you are very brave to go through what you have and you explain this very well. Like many others on here your advice and knowledge is very helpful
  4. Can anyone share there advice when they have gave into ruminating and had the worst ever anxiety. Today has been my worst day in a while and iv made myself worse by spending a lot of the day on the forum mainly looking for reassurance. I feel I'm about to have a breakdown and cant' seem to be positive. If anyone has found themselves in this situation and got themselves out please share your experience. I really don't want to sink any lower. It all started this morning when I woke up after a dream as I described in my first post. I wish I could just make it click and believe in myself. Thanks.
  5. stopthinking

    What does it feel like for you...

    Hi Sophie. I feel the exact same. I think it' because we want certainty rite now. We have to be patient and let the anxiety disappear on its own. If only I could put my own advice into practice. The best thing to do is ignore what is troubling us .
  6. I know iv made this a lot worse than it was because I have spent the day ruminating. Which it is now harder to brush off. I' m sorry frustrated with myself .
  7. Ok I will try. Hopefully it will get easier as the anxiety lessons.
  8. Thank you pb. But I can' get past the sheer panic and guilt. I can't' pass this off as minor. I wish I could put your advice into practice.
  9. May I add I think what is also keeping me stuck is what would my family and friends think if they knew this or my thoughts. I think this is driving the guilt. If I ignore it feel like a fraud.
  10. So Im thinking what does this mean and did I have the erection before or did the thought cause it. What would be a good way to challenge this? Would agreeing with it be the right thing to do ?
  11. I had an intrusive thought before bed last night and managed to shrug it off. But I remember having the thought in my dream but at the same time had an erection. I' m not sure if it triggered the erection or it was already there during my sleep although it was a non arousel erection I'm panickig and freaking out. I feel this has confirmed my fears. I feel so bad so guilty and disgusted and iv made it worse by ruminating. I can' believe I'm having such a hard time once again it just seems to get worse. I just want to enjoy the simple things in life not waking up to hell every morning. Please respond with any advise or help. Struggling rite now. Thanks.
  12. stopthinking


    Hello I' having a hard time at the moment. I'm trying anything possible to get better although I can't get to therapy due to working away. I'm trying self help books cutting out alcohol and plenty of exercise as I'm a seasoned runner. Does anybody practice meditation and has it improved any ones situation? I'm very unhappy and everyday seems like a struggle and wiling to try anything and everything possible. Your feedback is appreciated. Thanks.
  13. stopthinking

    How do you stop ruminating

    Thank you lost. I will work hard at this. Very well explained.
  14. stopthinking

    How do you stop ruminating

    In the same boat as you. Had a terrible day. Sorry I have no advice but I'm a fellow struggler
  15. stopthinking

    Back to square one. Struggling.

    Thanks pb. I will try and cut the compulsions and hopefully this will reduce my anxiety.