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  1. Yes people used to notice me stuttering and then fill in the missing words
  2. No I’m still taking it along side my other meds
  3. I had speech issues for a few years i suddenly had a stammer not reallly bad but certainly noticeable, i believe it was a side effect of pregabalin. It seems to have gone now just as quick as it came whether that’s due to additional meds i can not say.
  4. I have been on quetapine before it wasn’t the drug for me but meds work differently for people and it may be fantastic for one but not another. Give it a try see how you feel you will know whether its for you . It’s also worth looking up older topics on it to give you a wider field of information.
  5. This was just a dream nothing more. You had a few drinks and ocd is trying to tread al over a good evening and spoil it. Try not to focus on it and distract yourself with something more fun than ocd thoughts.
  6. What if you actually have a good time add that into the mix . If you got sick you would deal with it just like you were at home so try not to worry to much. I’m sure youll have a great time
  7. Sometimes its good to take a break and have time for other things. Enjoy your time off and come back renewed
  8. I think that with the right information it can be great exposure for a of part of OCD.
  9. Merry Christmas to everyone

  10. Saw the OCD chopping board today in a shop called menkind and the hoard has now been called obsessive chef board. Hmmm

  11. Hi 8thstar Bloody OCD what a nightmare for you attaching your thought to this situation. Have you tried switching your thinking to something else when this thought comes in. Now I know that is not easy to do but your gonna have to really try before this drives a wedge between your both that can't be repaired. Pick something that really makes you smile/happy and really concentrate on it until it's the only thing in your mind. Keep practicing it and then when the thoughts come snap your self to the happy thought. It's worth a try and may really help. Good luck xx
  12. Hi 8thstar You are not evil you just have mental health illness. Ask your gp to refer you to your local community mental health team so you can see a psychologist for some help . They are much better to talk to and find out what help you need and if you have borderline personality disorder. If you do then they may suggest you have. A therapy called dialectical behavioural therapy to help you learn to cope and with the condition better. Also for OCD you can have cognitive behavioural therapy. It's a good place to start. I myself have been though CBT and it's fantastic and I'm currently starting DBT which so far is good. You do have to put lots of work in but the reward is epic. Take care Xx
  13. I'm supporting OCD awareness week

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