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BBC Podcast about OCD

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I respect people who speak openly about their OCD experiences but I can't say I was keen on how they spoke about OCD. They didn't really understand therapy enough to explain it and bought into the idea that there are positives to having OCD, there aren't! They also kept saying that there is logic to stuff, that's irrelevant! Sorry i could go on :blush:

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I agree Gemma, it was interesting and brave of them to be so open, I have respect for them on that.

However I also picked up on the question around" positives" of having OCD which of course is a nonsense as there are none! they could have done better in dispelling that myth. 

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Yes I'm all in favour of people talking about their experiences in a light hearted way but I thought it was pretty awful. One of them said that a positive of OCD is that you're always expecting the worst so when it happens you can cope! One of the most depressing things I've ever heard.

Even though they mentioned CBT and medication the whole thing made OCD seem quirky and amusing and not a debilitating mental illness.

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