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  1. Hi, I would say my OCD is also about 90% vomit fear related. I had emdr with CBT several years ago. It didn't really work for me. That's not to say it won't be a success for you. It's definitely worth a go.
  2. It's just plain out of order for your dad to threaten you with violence and insult and swear at you. Yes it must be frustrating to live with someone who has OCD but that's no excuse for his terrible behaviour. My family are the same as yours Greycat, they have always ignored my anxiety and OCD even when it was severe and I was living with them.
  3. Yes I'm all in favour of people talking about their experiences in a light hearted way but I thought it was pretty awful. One of them said that a positive of OCD is that you're always expecting the worst so when it happens you can cope! One of the most depressing things I've ever heard. Even though they mentioned CBT and medication the whole thing made OCD seem quirky and amusing and not a debilitating mental illness.
  4. I think it's great that you're always raising awareness of OCD and supporting fellow sufferers. I wish I could do the same but it's so hard to get over the intense embarrassment and shame I feel about having OCD.
  5. You asked what a 'normal' person would do. My boyfriend would touch the doorhandles and sign in on the touch screen completely ignoring the hand sanitizer provided. Then afterwards he'd walk out, buy some food and eat it without washing his hands. He wouldn't give germs and sickness a thought. I'd have the same fears as you, I hate going to the doctor. I think that's exactly the problem - we want to recover from OCD but still avoid sickness bugs at all cost. As your psychologist has said, they're incompatible. Does s/he have any ideas about how to get over that mindset? If you could resist the cleaning afterwards that would be amazing, good luck.
  6. No, OCD is not a personality trait. It's an illness. That's like saying schizophrenia is a personality trait.
  7. Hi Anna Yes I have managed to stay in the house when someone had a bug, quite a few times. But only by carrying out constant safety behaviours and avoidance so I'm not a good example! Of course the healthy thing to do would be to stick around and take minimal 'normal' precautions. Don't feel bad if that's not achievable at the moment - that's like being thrown in at the deep end. But make sure you carry on with the therapy and take those steps in the right direction.
  8. I get it completely, that's exactly what I would want to do, get as far away as possible. In fact I have done that in the past. Which is probably why I still have this phobia after 31 years. You and I both know that running away will keep the fear going. I understand how hard it is but try to stay in the house and face the situation.
  9. Hi BelAnna. Years ago I'd hardly ever see vomit on the street. When I did it would terrify me. Don't know why but where I live now I seem to be walking past it on a daily basis - always in a new spot like a surprise obstacle course. It's never made me sick and it's desensitized me a bit. Still petrified of vomit tho unfortunately. Well done for taking the risk and carrying on. Keep at it.
  10. You have to keep in mind that people might not understand or care. You can't control people's reaction to or opinion of your OCD. If they have a bad reaction it's disappointing but that's up to them. Don't be embarrassed or regret it. If they use it against you then they're a rubbish friend and you're well out of it. Think of the reasons why you want to tell people. I read a book recently that said we should tell our secrets only to people who have earned the right to hear them.
  11. Go for it. It sounds perfect. It's understandable that you're not feeling confident after so long out of work. Stop over thinking it and don't let the doubts win. Do it, do it, do it!!!!!!!!
  12. Can you talk to anyone about this and get support and encouragement from friends and family? People phoning you up, texting and meeting up with you can make all the difference. Better than being in hospital unless absolutely desperate.
  13. My mind would jump straight to vomit but that's only because I have the same fear. Pretty sure it wouldn't even occur to most people. I know it's hard but don't clean, it's not necessary.
  14. It could be a panic attack, people experience them in different ways. I've known people to have epilepsy type seizures caused by anxiety. It's worth getting it checked out with a doctor.
  15. If you wanted to start fresh somewhere different you don't have to rely on your GP to refer you. In most (all?) areas in the UK you can refer yourself. Do some research into services in your area and you can probably refer yourself online. I was fed up with awful CBT in my city and gave up on getting help. Then OCDUK's Ashley recommended another service to me. I gave them a go and they've been brilliant. The service I ended up going to was in the next county but it was completely worth the train fare and having to get up early.
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