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Liverpool OCD Support Group Discussion

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Unfortunately next Wednesday's Liverpool OCD Support Group as been cancelled.  

This discussion as been opened for members of the Liverpool OCD Support Group to offer them a place to reach out for support in the absence of the group, and will be actively monitored by Catherine and/or Dave during the times that the support group usually operates (5-7pm).  Group members are welcome to create an account and join in the conversation, and regular forum members are also welcome to offer our group helpful advice and support.

Should any of the Liverpool group prefer to talk one-on-one then OCD-UK will offer a telephone call back on the Thursday (2nd).


Registering on the forums

If you're new to the OCD-UK online forums the first thing you need to do is create an account. It's completely free and you can create an alias, you don't need to use your real name. To register simply click the sign up Link on our website. The system will send you an automated email asking you to confirm your account and once you confirm that you're good to go, you can sign in and post your first message below.  Note: We have had to block users with gmail accounts because of the vast amount of spam originating from users with gmail accounts. You will need to register for the forum with a non gmail account.

To sign up please click the 'sign up' links at the top of the forum page. If you can't find them, please follow the instructions below. 

From a Desktop PC/Laptop
Click the grey 'Sign up' in the top right corner as shown here. 



From a Mobile
Simply click the Hamburger icon on the right (1) and then click the green sign up button (2).

(1) The hamburger icon is the little three lines to the right of the blue bar.


 (2) then from the new menu simply click the green sign up button. 


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Hi Everyone

Hope as many of you can join us on Wednesday 5-7.



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I’ve had a message from Sue. Unfortunately she is unable to partake in on line forums but she sends her love to you all. She had some good news in that Florence’s neices have taken her down to live with her sister in London.


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Hello again Dave.

Hopefully people from your group will log on and say hello/share their OCD challenges during the next couple of hours.  I am not sure the format always works for people used to talking face-to-face. Time will tell :) 

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That’s true Dave, the positive I guess is that the sister has a housekeeper and Carer, but no I wouldn’t like to be in London either.

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Hi Guys,

Just to say if you register you don't need to use your full names, the beauty of the forum is we can use aliases.  For those that have already I can change your usernames to Firstname Firstletter of surname (or another alias).

Is anybody struggling with their OCD tonight?  Anything we can help each other with?

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