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Valentine's and OCD robbing you of that opportunity - My reflections

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Something I posted on Instagram this morning.

The collateral damage in life caused by Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder can ripple outwards far beyond the actual symptoms.

Valentines Day can be a sad and painful reminder that OCD got in the way of life and prevented or ended relationships for some of us. So today can be reflective for some and tinged with some regrets and sadness, of which I also feel.

That said, I am learning to accept my life now and feel more blessed for what I do have, I can also be reflective seeing the ❤️ my friends have for their partners, that really is bringing me some peace and joy seeing their happiness. OCD took so much, but I won’t let it rob the joy of seeing happiness in my friends, the love I see in them gives me warmth today when I perhaps need a little.

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This is very well expressed Ashley and many of us can relate to it. 

I think we might also consider the bravery and fortitude of family and friends and Co-workers who live our OCD with us, whoever and how close they are. 

We may feel pretty lonely, but being close to a sufferer can be a lonely, upsetting place to be, wanting to help but not being able to do much other than assist in getting help, and carrying out the therapy. 


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I think ocd shapes all our lives. It affects us all differently but the ripples it creates are always negative ones. I have maintained a marriage whilst being a sufferer and its been 17 years now but i find it hard to maintain close friendships and find i can feel lonely at times. I have never felt understood tbh and usually feel like the outsider in friendship groups. I am sorry that ocd has impacted on your relationshis Ashley but i am happy to see you have the strength of character and goodness in your heart to find joy in the happiness of others and i hope you can also acknowledge and give yourself credit for the help you give to others on this site and the kindness in your heart that you share in trying to help other people combat their OCD.  I wish you peace, love and happiness in all you do.

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Think of that splendid old gent Captain Sir Tom Moore, Ashley.  He was almost 50 before he met the love of his life, married and had a family.  You are so much better now, in control of your OCD.  Never say never  :)

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