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Company called OCD Valeting

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Hi, I'm not sure if you can help or not but I'm hoping you can give me some pointers please.  I was diagnosed with OCD 25 years ago and it really bothered me how people misuse the term OCD! There is a company that I drive by, in Telford,  every day called OCD Valeting/OCD automotive. It is obviously used because it refers to 'being clean'. I really want to email them or something to explain to them why I think this is a bad name because it is a really debilitating condition etc but I'm not very good with words. It's there any way that you can help me or can you point in the right direction of someone that could help me write something?
Thanks for your help

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I'd be interested to know what response you get, this kind of thing really bugs me too. I recently wrote a blog post about the use of language like this and why its harmful. I did wonder though if maybe the owner might actually have OCD, but I don't think that makes it any better! Best of luck.

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It’s different for every person I suppose. Personally I don’t get offended by things like that because I know it’s ignorance. If I didn’t have ocd I would probably say I’m so ocd when I like things clean, so there’s no badness in it. But as I say if it affects you then there’s no harm in emailing. 

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Hi Gingerplum.

I've moved your post to the relevant part of the forum where we discuss issues around public perception of OCD and misuse of the term.

OCD-UK has done a considerable amount of work in the past on raising awareness on exactly the issue you describe. I  suggest you email the charity as a first step for how we might tackle this company. :)

email = office@ocduk.org

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Thanks all.

I would be happy to tr yand help you Gingerplum. However you want us to, you could draft a letter and I am happy to help you with it, or if you want to express to me what you want to say I can draft the letter for you and then you can either send in your name or we can send on your behalf (without using your name if preferred).

Sadly in my experience this will go one of two ways, either the person will claim they have OCD and want to put it to good use, or they will simply dismiss us.  It's rare for a company to change their branding when they have spent so much on it.  That's not to say we should not still try to influence them and write a polite letter encouraging them to reconsider their company name.

Ashley :)



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A feature article by me on OCD is currently in print in our local parish magazine.

It's geared to explaining OCD, helping discover if people have OCD, how to get help, how to contact OCD-UK  

I would be very surprised if it doesn't help a few people.

Sadly, publication co-incided with me having another episode of OCD 😔 

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