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  1. What you have to remember is the problem is not what happened but how you have reacted to it and interpreted it - that is how OCD wins. Unfortunately because your OCD is about a certain theme it will do everything and anything to convince you. What you have to remember is that this is what OCD does best. It's a bully. I have had all sorts of intrusive thoughts down through the years and I find that once I successfully combat one theme it pops up with another.
  2. I find OCD likes to change things up. If it cannot get to you one way, it will try something else. That is where I am at now with health anxiety.

  3. Hi Chels - I am sorry that you are struggling with this. It is true that this constant noise in your head can be so distressing. I cant offer much advice because I myself have struggles with different things. Health anxiety is my issue right now. I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone in this and while I may not be able t offer much advice, I hope that knowing you are not alone will be of some comfort. OCD is a cruel illness and likes to attack those things you hold dear. If you are not on instagram I would suggest joining and looking up some people who blog / share about OCD. There is help to be got. I have a call this evening with Robert James who is an OCD and anxiety Coach. Feel free to get in touch :)
  4. I get this before bed and I dont think it's anything to do with OCD...just lets me know when I am tired and its time for bed
  5. That's just the kind of cruel thing OCD does...makes you feel something that is not true. That's why it's called the doubting disease.
  6. You are right in that you said that you have to be patient. I was on Seroquel too and I found it brilliant although I didnt have my Son at the time. I think if I was to need Seroquel now I wouldnt be able to function with it. It's very hard to give you ideas of what to do when you are bombarded with intrusive thoughts except to stay busy if you can. You can now get awesome adult colouring books and I find they are great to help relax.
  7. Hi All. I have not been on this site in quite a while now, whereas I used to be on here every day just reading what other people go through and reassuring myself that I was not alone. Quite briefly, I was diagnosed in 2005 with Pure-O. My biggest fear was that I would never be a Mum because of the OCD. I am sure that there are many Ladies out there who feel like this and of course Men too who are afraid. Well, I did it! It was a leap of faith, took great courage and self belief but I did it. I am a proud Mum to a 5 month old Baby Boy who is aptly named Logan after Wolverine I guess the reason for my post is to let you know that we can beat this god forsaken illness. I am by no means cured but I am a hell of a lot stronger now than I ever was!!
  8. It's a long time ago since I was put on medication, but a few years back when I had a bad episode you know what got me through? x-files box set!
  9. I can totally relate to you. Constant guilt over the most pathetic of things. It all comes back to "being a bad person" which I know logically I am not because I care too much, I worry too much. I'm off work almost 4mths now due to the OCD and I just hope and pray every day that things can and will get better. It's all about time though...being a good healer.
  10. Yep...OCD is literally a "mind-field" not mine...but reacts the same way. Constant battles
  11. Typical OCD...rumination. I do it all the time though I am really trying not to
  12. Urgh do I what! The last year and half have been my worst OCD wise and I'm sick of it.
  13. Oh god...where do I start. I used to go about 4 years without an "episode" ... Where I'd end up being signed off work. Since autumn 2012 I had 1 major episode and was off work for 3 months. I've since changed my meds twice, signed off work due to swapping to Prozac which made me very sad to start with and now I'm signed off again. It's been like a roller coaster since 2012 and I just can't seem to get level. It's scaring me that I'm not going to get out of this episode now
  14. I had an episode of time where I was a bit like this about my Boyfriends past. It's very hard to deal with alright and I sympathise with you. I don't know what to advise because I myself am struggling with other aspects of OCD. Just try to distract yourself if you can...I know if your trying to sleep that's easier said than done. Maybe try listening to music? Reading? Mindfulness? I really should take so,e of my own advice.
  15. I'm sure a lot of people including me will be able to agree with you that they get nervous about having a thought. I get anxious in anticipation of an anxiety attack...if that makes sense. Unfortunately, we have zero control of what comes into our minds. We have to learn to try and accept this for what it is...a major pain in the backside condition. It's tough, and it's a never ending fight but we must try to believe that we can and will have better times.
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