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  1. getting totally harassed by Virgin media. If I didn't answer the first 5,000 times they rang, what makes them think I'll answer the next time and say "ooh yes, sign me up!" *grumble grumble*

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    2. taurean


      They regularly wrote to me at our last address, but I was then happy with Sky. 

      We have signed up for Virgin Media everything here and it is, actually, very good. 

      Interestingly on the landline they offer free call blocking :lol:


    3. gingerbreadgirl


      Roy I have mentioned your comments to my OH and now she is like "maybe we could get Virgin...?"  I was like "NO I refuse on principle!" :lol:

    4. taurean


      Ha I like that :biggrin: 

      For your info, Virgin don't use BT infrastructure like other suppliers must. They have invested billions in their own fibre network - so that is probably behind the aggressive marketing. 

      They are owned by mega US cable conglomerate Liberty Global. 

      It's not fibre optic currently into the home. Fibre goes to the street box, then co-axial cable into the home. 

      The product is excellent across the package  and so for me outweighs the aggression of the marketing.