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  1. Seeing my friends and family and hugging them (there will probably be tears too I imagine). Meeting my nephew who is due to be born in July. Going on a stained glass course which is what I was planning to do this year before all of this. Walks at my favourite nature reserve (attenborough reserve). Trips to Scotland. Meals out.
  2. Just an update to this, the author has until the 11 March to get the funding they need to make this book a reality. At the moment it is 44 percent funded. Just thought I'd let people know in case they hadn't seen it the first time and fancied contributing.
  3. This is the title of a book that is currently being crowdfunded on unbound. It is written by an author with OCD and is a sci fi book about a boy with OCD and a difficult family background. It is currently less than 50 percent funded so thought I'd leave the link here for your consideration: https://unbound.com/books/rory-hobble-and-the-voyage-to-haligogen/
  4. Yes, I worried about this too but as you say, since Rose is involved I'm sure it will be fine. Hopefully channel 4 can redeem themselves on this one.
  5. Thanks Taurean. I feel much better now. Sometimes you just need the right words on bad days.
  6. I needed this thread today. I have literally just been out and surrounded by people that I have perceived have a unfavourable opinion of me and was trying not to ruminate on it. I logged on to forum for first time in a while and found this. Thank you.
  7. This may have been brought up before but my boyfriend has recently come across several articles based on research linking gut bacteria to mental health and sometimes specifically to rumination. This research also suggests that probiotics may assist in easing rumination, obsessive thinking and depression symptoms. There are plenty of articles out there regarding this, just a couple of examples: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/04/17/probiotics-depression_n_7064030.html https://www.sciencenews.org/article/microbes-can-play-games-mind After researching this, I thought it couldn't hurt to start taking probiotics alongside other things that I use to supplement therapy etc (such as exercise and meditation). Whether it helps or not, thought it was worth mentioning it as it will be interesting to see how the research evolves in the future.
  8. Thanks PolarBear, I suppose the OCD has given me a sense of self importance where I think everything is about me. You're right, there could be thousands of reasons.
  9. Thanks, I know this is the best course of action. It's just I'm new to a close knit small village community which is causing me to worry more. It wouldn't have bothered me as much when I lived in the city.
  10. I really hope he recovers. You got him to the vet where he needed to be.
  11. This is one I struggle with a lot. I have just seen someone who lives in my neighbourhood, I waved at them and they didn't wave back. Ever since I've been ruminating, wondering if I've accidentally offended them in the past or even if I've done something and can't remember (e.g when drunk). Of course, all the false memories then flash through my brain and I wonder if any could be true or if .........and then my mind just runs wild.
  12. Thank you again. I will try my best. I know if I give in, it will only be worse next time and will keep spiralling. Just going to set myself a goal of trying not to text him again until he gets back which will be really difficult but worth it in the long run.
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