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  1. I was doped up yesterday and happy, I wasn’t depressed or frightened, this morning I am both, I took the same dosage, what’s the difference 

  2. I said no to an ice cream


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    2. Phili


      Because of the calories 

    3. Caramoole


      Well done you for resisting :)

    4. Phili


      Thank you 


  3. only up to 1735 calories so far today

  4. Really struggling

  5. Struggling today

  6. My OCD is trying to make me doctor google something I’ve already googled before, help!

  7. Anne has left for the vet, I’ve had no sleep, I’m nervous as heck

    1. Lucy1234


      Hope she is ok, please let us know x

    2. Phili


      She’s OK, it was her glands, they were badly infected. She is on antibiotics for a week

    3. Storm


      Pleased she’s on the mend Phili!

  8. Tiny raised line in nose, I shouldn’t have googled

  9. I can’t believe that some people think the virus is a hoax. All because they want to go out. I’ve been locked inside for over 9000 days and they can’t take 70

  10. Hi! Guess what, I’ve lost 6ibs!

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    2. Andrea


      Congrats! :57439eb60db27_thumbup::57439eb60db27_thumbup: :clapping:I have to ask you Phili: What is your secret to weight loss? I would love to lose 6 lbs!!!!

    3. Phili


      I ate less lol

    4. Andrea


      Lol :lol: That is the secret!

  11. Merry Christmas

    1. lostinme


      Merry Christmas to you too Phili :xmas_smile:

    2. daja


      And to you all.

  12. I finally realised why happy things make me sad. It is because I know that it won’t last. They will be sad again afterwards.

    1. snowbear


      Things don't have to be sad again afterwards. Feeling joyful is fleeting, but lasting happiness and contentment come from how you choose to think about the world, not from happy events or temporary joy. Aim to change how you view this. Instead of thinking 'this can't last' why not think of the happy moments as memories you're placing in a box. Then they are always there and you can bring back the happy feelings any time you want just by remembering them. 

  13. I am suffering. This cough is driving me nuts. I have medicine for it but the only thing that seems to cool it is menthol gum and that is going through me an irrigation system, so now I have something to steady my gut and am trying the less powerful gum. To top it off, I suffer from cough headaches and have done for years and years, every time I cough, laugh or strain I get an excruciating and I mean excruciating pain in head.

    1. Phili


      I am at the point where I take anything to prevent the pain

    2. Phili


      *will take anything

  14. I go through a rough patch and end up driving people away. Why am I such a fair weather only person.

  15. and now i have a cold

  16. been sick with one thing or another all week

    1. lostinme


      Oh bless you Phili it's not nice when your unwell ? hopefully you will feel better soon:)

  17. My dog smells like ❤️ 

  18. Hi. I'm not dead, just feeling very withdrawn. 

  19. my psychologist has challenged me to give up chocolate for lent as she is going too and i am gonna give it a try

    1. taurean


      Gosh Phili that will be tough. But give it a go :)

    2. lostinme


      That's great your going to give it a go phili?

  20. The horrific moment when playing an Otome when you don't know who to choose. Help! meep

  21. Everything I do is wrong

    1. taurean


      Now this is "all or nothing thinking" Phili. Maybe some things you do are wrong, might have been done better ; but we all do that, we cannot always be right - at best we can likely expect to get things right maybe 85% of the time. 

  22. It's my birthday ? 

    I never want to see food again. ? 

    1. taurean


      We might quote you on that :biggrin:

  23. Woke up at eleven to a very loud crack. The window behind my head has cracked from top to bottom. This frightened Anne who then peed all over the sofa. So now we have no sofa and a cracked window.

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    2. taurean


      Report the window to the landlord to get fixed - and he may have insurance that might cover it. 

    3. Phili


      The council will fix the window but the sofa has had it.

    4. halle123


      Who is Anne? Give the couch a good scrub  xx


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