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  1. I am glad if I said something that helped you in the past Handy. On the other hand, sometimes it is difficult to understand you. There is absolutely nothing positive about performing compulsions. In my opinion, compulsions don't have a positive side. This post is about having a day without OCD. What is the first thing you would do in a day without OCD Handy?
  2. Lovely post margarita! and katydaly I hope one day you can do those amazing things, big HUG to both of you
  3. Hi GreyCat I love animals. It is one of my dreams to help in an animal shelter. I have 3 dogs, they are rescue dogs. Don't say impossible Greycat, I truly believe that we are capable of achieving the impossible. We just have to start to believe it. That is the first step: once you choose hope, anything is possible. Besides you love animals , that is the most important thing you need to work in an animal shelter.
  4. Hi Ash , Of course you can borrow this question, it would be an honor that you use the question on the charity's social media channels
  5. Loving your day without OCD GreyCat, I would like to help in an animal shelter too 🐶
  6. Loving all your replies guys ♥️ I hope we can do all these things one day, hopefully soon, really soon
  7. Hi guys Well, imagine that you don't have OCD for one day... what is the first thing you would do (something that OCD doesn't let you do)? In my case, I would love to go to work and go jogging without having OCD thoughts that make my day harder. And I would drive my car again, I would be driving the entire day just because I wouldn't have my OCD stopping me to drive.
  8. Take time to do what makes your soul happy, Don’t listen to the OCD negativity.

  9. Hi Workingitout, Welcome to the OCD-UK forums , It is great that you are going to start professional therapy in September. It is good that you know that you don't have to confess, you are going in the right direction. Confessing is your compulsion. If you give in to compulsions like confessing, it will get worse.
  10. I am in charge of how I feel and today I am choosing happiness :)

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      Do take a look at the member's area of the forums Andrea. We have some fun there but also give very bespoke help to each other there :)


    3. Andrea


      Thank you Roy:57439eb60db27_thumbup:, I have visited the member's area, in fact I replied to one of your post:

      'Is Trying To Make Thinking And Behavioural Changes Enough?' (by the way, really good post Roy)

    4. taurean


      Ah yes thanks for that.

      I must have missed the notification as there has been a lot of other traffic going on :)


  11. Hi Onlyalex Don't be so hard on yourself, moving can be very stressful, and OCD loves stress. keep strong! I send you a big HUG
  12. Great post gingerbreadgirl! Thank you for sharing big HUG
  13. Hi malina First, let me tell you that I think that you are a very brave person. It is inspiring that you want to challenge your OCD in that way Second, remember that OCD is a big fat liar, so no matters what is telling you tomorrow, you have to remember that is just OCD, It is just this big fat liar trying to get your attention. Stay strong! You can do this I send you tons of hugs
  14. That is awesome PhilM! bIg HUG
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