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  1. Hi jlmdfem Sorry to hear you are having a tough time. I agree with polarbear, Treat it like OCD. It is pretty obvious that you don't want to harm a child. Treat all this you are feeling like OCD because that is what it is. big HUG
  2. Hi Daja , You have to learn to accept that you can't control other people's habits. Honestly, to be worry about a nuclear disaster that happened 8 years ago is something that only your OCD is telling you to be worry about. So, don't listen to your OCD. big HUG
  3. Hi lonely mum I agree with caramoole and dksea comments . Are you seeing a therapist? If you are not seeing a therapist, you should give that step and go to see one. You don't deserve to have a difficult life. You deserve to have a happy life. And a therapist can help you to reach the life you really want. big HUG
  4. I am glad you have told about this to your therapist. That is great news . I don't think you wanted to do that to please yourself sexually. I know is your OCD that makes you doubt about doing things in a sexual way. The important thing is that you understand that every time that happen a similar situation you have to remember that is your OCD and not your true desire.
  5. Hi Lily I am glad you are seeing an OCD specialist. Have you tell her about these situations of "touching" in a sexual manner that you have had?
  6. Hi malina , Every time you start to think that you "haven't really made progress", you have to remember that is your OCD that is making you doubt about it. You obviously have had progress. It is just this illness that make us doubt about everything we care. Hang in there! Dont listen to your OCD! I send you a big HUG
  7. Hi lily , I am sorry you are having a hard time. If you want to feel better I think you have to listen to your own words: 1) "I'm not even sure if I touched her or not bc it was so brief maybe it's in my head and I didn't actually move it," 2) "I think I did it because I was on the edge of doing it and I did it to be guilty of something very wrong not because I actually wanted it." So, first you are not even sure if you actually did it and second if you did it it was to feel guilty. You have to read your own post and you will see that the answer you are looking for is just there. Are you currently seeing a therapist to deal with your OCD?
  8. Hi madchoc , I am sorry you feel so isolated madchoc. Now you have a very good motivation to fight against your OCD . I hope you can see your daughters and grandchildren soon. KEEP FIGHTING, DON'T GIVE UP!!!! I send you a huge HUG
  9. Wow Lisa! what a fantastic post! I love the way you handle your obsession, GOOD JOB! THANK YOU FOR SHARING I send you a big HUG
  10. Hi Freya , I am sorry you are feeling so isolated and depressed Freya. This forum can help you feel less lonely. I send you a big HUG
  11. Hi oetegenn1976, I am sorry you are feeling worried about silly things. I agree with leif, positive activities can be very helpful to feel less worried about things. Do you have any hobbie? I am asking you because having a hobby that we enjoy brings us joy and enriches our lives, a hobbie keep our mind busy on positive things, Forcing yourself to work on something while you're worried really can make your worried thoughts go away. The key here is to occupy your hands or your mind--preferably both--in some task that requires a level of focus. For example, you could busy yourself with a task you don't mind doing that requires your concentration, or pull up a mobile game on your phone and lose yourself in it. I hope it helps a little I send you a big hug
  12. Hi leif , First, I just want to send you a big HUG and tell you that you are not alone about how you feel. Second, You have to keep in mind that what you have described is the way how OCD works. Keep in mind that the small compulsions and the big compulsions are just OCD, and OCD is nothing more than a big number of lies, small lies and big lies. So, when you start to do big compulsions remember that nothing bad is going to happen if you don't do these compulsions because is just OCD. I send you more hugs
  13. I am sorry you are having a difficult day leif. I send you a big hug, you are doing a great job leif! keep going! don't give up! P.S. By the way, I think you write very good and helpful posts to the forum, thank you for that, I really appreciate
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