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  1. Hi GemmaCJ , I am sorry you were diagnosed with PMDD and endometriosis. I would like to be more helpful and answer your question however I don't have any experience with hysterectomy or the menopause. I only have experience with OCD. I hope you receive here helpful replies that answer your question. One more thing: welcome to the OCD-UK forums I send you a big HUG
  2. Hi leif , I am sorry you are feeling down. I agree with all the people that has written. I just want to send you a big HUG Don't forget that you are a fighter, you work really hard to fight against your OCD. You deserve to feel better. I hope you feel better soon and have an OCD easy to handle.
  3. Well done malina Your words are really helping me. Thanks
  4. You are welcome gingerbreadgirl I am glad you think is a positive reminder
  5. Thank you paradoxer for saying that my english is very good. Wow! japanese language seems so difficult lo learn. I agree with you: we have to fight OCD can't win!
  6. Thank you very much Roy for taking the time to reply in a so informative way
  7. Hi Roy , Are you saying that you know to speak 4 languages?!?!?!?! THAT IS AWESOME ROY!!!! I found the OCD-UK website thanks to The Aviator DVD that includes the address of OCD-UK website on the DVD aditional material. I still remember that moment. It is been 10 years since then. I am so grateful for having OCD-UK in my life. Roy you seem to know a lot about mindfulness. Could you give an example of a mindfulness exercise? I think that wouuld be really helpful for the people (including myself) that don't know about mindfulness.
  8. Wow paradoxer I am very impressed, your spanish is amazing! Are you bilingual ? I am going to reply in english, this way the rest of the members will understand the conversation. You are right: Poor OCD, without attention is absolutely lost. We have to be very brave and ignore our OCD. This is the way to win the battle against OCD
  9. Hi malina Let's make life a dinamic adventure
  10. Hi paradoxer Your spanish is really good Gracias Amigo por tus palabras (Thank you my friend for your kind words). You are so right: "OCD hates not being reacted to"
  11. Hi Roy , Loving your reply. You are so right: "No-one will have recovered from OCD by giving belief to it". This is so true.
  12. Hi guys These are just a few things I’ve been thinking that I would like to share with you guys: I just want to send a huge hug to all the people that is suffering this tough mental illness called OCD. Remember that just because you think something, doesn't make it true. Just because OCD says something, doesn’t make it true. Let's choice not to listen to our OCD. OCD is just a big fat liar, we have nothing to lose if we don’t listen to our OCD. The only way to deal with OCD fear is to face it. Avoiding it prevents us from moving forward—it makes us anxious. When we can sit with our OCD fears without reacting to them, we develop an inner resilience that silences them over time. I know it is not easy but at some point we have to face our fears to start recovery. Big HUG
  13. Hi HadenoughofOCD Great job! You should be very proud of yourself and enjoy your great victory! big HUG
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