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  1. Giving us this example is nothing more than a compulsion, most likely a way to get us to tell you how bad or ok those jokes are and a confessional compulsion to boot. Distract yourself, stop giving importance to this kind of thing!x
  2. Well that’s just classic OCD, I’ve been there before too, I had a male friend, he worked in an office and was able to chat on fbook a lot, I didn’t work and was at home alone most of the day and we talked all the time on messenger, we had some little jokes and called each other silly names etc we never talked sexually to each other or anything like that and I never thought anything of it, until years later of course, I was having a bad time with my OCD and BOOM, I felt horrible and disgusting and like I’d cheated, I did the wrong thing and eventually confessed everything to my partner, he was pretty bemused to be honest and told me to wise up, it’s just banter and everyone has it! Then my OCD latched onto him cuz I worried myself to death about what kind of banter he may be having in work!!! Typical OCD just blew everything up! Now I’m well again I don’t give either of those things a second though, you must learn to accept it as OCD even though you feel it’s a real thing, it’s not, it’s a distorted view of a real thing, totally different! Good luck xx
  3. I think being motivated to recover comes when u are just so fed up of your life and admit to yourself that it won’t change unless u do something about it. I think those around us can be our motivation too, for example I felt so guilty all the time not doing all the things I used to do with my partner and children that I just knew something had to give. Are others affected by ur OCD? If so, use that! X
  4. Wonderer

    Period panic

    Philli, how long has this been going on? Don’t u think if it was this deadly problem then u wouldn’t be here now? Ur posts are just compulsions and ur ignoring everything that we are saying to u. I had a period that lasted 6wks when I went on a pill that was supposed to stop my periods altogether, it didn’t freak me out, I simply went off that pill as I’d rather just have my irregular and heavy periods including a lot of pain, the reason I didn’t freak out is because I don’t have OCD around the issue, you do, work on ur OCD and things will get better. Stress also causes huge irregularities in periods, when my OCD was really bad I was having 2 in a month or none at all for a while. If ur OCD settles down, so too might ur periods!x
  5. Thanks belanna, I would say I’ve been I full remission since January, I was quite up and down for some months before that with very short periods of relief and then relapses but I can happily say now I’ve been on an even keel for 6 months now and I feel wonderful! You will too ❤️ Xx
  6. Wonderer

    Harm OCD when drunk

    Well, I have this kind of thing happening to me all the time wether I’m drunk or not! I think about someone I can’t stand and I’ll have images of me pummelling their face in or if feeling really irritated by someone I will have an image of me telling them to F OFF or slapping them, but, I don’t have harm OCD, well not the violent one anyway. It’s so normal to have those thoughts, OCD or not.x
  7. Wonderer

    Period panic

    Philli, am I right in thinking you said u have polycystic ovaries? On learning this what did the doctor tell you the symptoms were? I mentioned before I have endometriosis, periods and gynaecology issues are the norm for me because I know what to expect from having this condition. Yes it can be scary to see symptoms before we know what’s worng, but once we have a diagnosis and know these things aren’t harmful we shouldn’t be giving them the time of day in our minds!x
  8. Oh I know I just wanted to clarify a little as when I read mine again and then your comment I thought, actually I better explain more in case I freaked anyone out who read my point! Just making myself a little clearer on where I was coming from! Thanks xx
  9. Yeah, like I know that a groinal response isn’t an actual sexual response, but when we’re in the thick of it and fear that it is in fact arousal, then we have to learn to not care about it, sometimes though people do get aroused at things that OCD then latches onto creating a whole issue out of it when in actual fact people can get aroused by literally anything, so it’s good to understand that and not allow such feelings to freak us out and learn that arousal doesn’t equal actions or even desires all the time! X
  10. I agree with snowbear, there’s no real reason you can’t apporcah your bizz about this except that you FEEL you can’t, doesn’t mean that u can’t DO it. I think you’ll find they’re helpful and want to make work comfortable for u. Go for it!
  11. Wow so good to hear that ur doing well! I had groinal responses too, it’s one thing to label it as OCD but you can also say to yourself “so what, I’m aroused?” Learning that arousal means absolutely nothing about you is in my opinion a better way to get comfortable with it, even though it’s very uncomfortable at first to tell yourself this! Glad things are working for you though!x
  12. Belanna, excellent idea, but why July? Why not start right now? No need to put things off until a certain time, u can make those changes now, I would be up for the challenge but thankfully I am in remission! I just had to bite the bullet, grit my teeth and work, work, work, and here I am! U can do it too! Good luck xxx
  13. As far as I’m aware emdr therapy is to help process real traumatic memories, things that actually happened, so I don’t see how it would help a false one, it’s not real so probably isn’t connected to the part of the brain where real memories are stored.x
  14. Wonderer

    Quitting smoking

    Day 3 and still smoking 6 cigs a day, I’ve got stuffy nose, fuzzy head and aching muscles, apparently “nicotine flu” I feel like just quitting altogether so I don’t have to go through a withdrawal each time I lower my intake but I don’t feel ready to do that 😩 good thing is that I’m not actually craving a ciggie that much, just now and again. I’ve bought an Eliquid that contains 5mg less of nicotine and plan on starting that once I’ve used the remaining liquid in my vape! X
  15. Wonderer

    Quitting smoking

    Well done Daja! Cutting down is great as well, anything is better than puffing away on lots of cigs per day! I actually did quit before using the gum but I was aching for a cig anytime I saw someone with one, I caved and went back on them after a while, then I vaped for 2yrs without nicotine but I would still smoke when having a drink and I literally started my habit back up after one particularly heavy night! I no longer drink alcohol though as I find that it worsens my OCD so I’m hoping that will cut my risk of starting again a lot! Fingers crossed! X