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  1. Wonderer

    DWP & Dread

    Yes it’s all getting a bit confusing! Weirdly they rang me yesterday, I sent my form back 5wks agi, they’re currently working on it and he just wanted to confirm a few details, said he’s gunna try and have it sorted for me before Christmas as he thinks I may have been entitled to some premiums I never got! It would be so nice to get something so I could clear off a couple of debts and put some money away for my kids! Here’s hoping! Good luck with yours xx
  2. Wonderer

    DWP & Dread

    Angst a few years ago I had my ESA taken off me after a reassessment and I appelaed it and won, it was so upsetting at the time so I too panic a little when it’s time to reassess, when I received that letter recently I instantly panicked but rang up and had the conversation with someone from the ESA who reassured me on this one! Apparently it’s been on the news and everything but I hadn’t seen it lol x
  3. Wonderer

    DWP & Dread

    Hi, I got that letter too, it’s because the DWP made a mistake by putting people into contributions based ESA instead of income related, they’re sending letters out to those who may be affected, they owe those people money, u will not lose ur current money, they’re checking to see wether they owe u a back payment, the back pay is quite substantial in some cases so get that form filled in and send it off. Don’t worry about it.xx
  4. Wonderer

    Went to A&E last night.

    Hi Paul, I know it’s really tough for u right now but just thought I’d share with u, when my anxiety is really bad I get tinnitus symptoms, I get long beeps or buzzing in my ear and sometimes feel like I’ve been plunged under water so ur anxious state is likely making any tinnitus worse atm, if u can try and get yourself into a more relaxed state it may help ur symptoms, my mum has full blown tinnitus and has done for years, at first she found it really hard to deal with but she says now that times gone by she doesn’t give it any attention despite it always being there, it doesn’t bother her anymore! I hope u get some good follow up help.xx
  5. Yes it can be ur OCD, if u have a fear of people talking about u then ocd doubt will creep in and u will think u can hear people talking about u, if u can’t hear this while u have headphones on it’s unlikely to be a hallucination or anything. It’s like someone with OCD about having cancer and suddenly they’re finding lumps all over the place! You should stop wearing headphones because by doing that ur giving OCD all the power.x
  6. Amazing news belanna! Happy for u! Aaaannnd relax! X
  7. Hey, I meant to say belanna that it was a mark on my breast and a rash on my nipple that provoked me to doing a breast examination and finding the lump so u can imagine that I had symptoms of IBC, pageats disease AND a tumour and despite having all 3 symptoms I did not have BC at all so please don’t overthink things, the doctors will know and u need to take their word for it! Good luck x
  8. Hi belanna, I too have recently gone through the two week referral process and had a scan which proved that my lump was nothing sinister, the doctor told me they will make that referral no matter wether they think it’s cancer or not as it’s better to be safe than sorry and the only way to know for sure is by doing the scan, I am 34 and was told by my gp she wasn’t worried given my age, my mother had breast cancer at 49 so even though my scan was fine I have now been referred into the family breast cancer history clinic and will be going through background checks and genetic testing to see what my chances are of developing the disease. I did not work myself into a spin about it at all, even when during the scan they weren’t quite sure and had to get a higher up radiologist in to confirm there wasn’t a cancer, the difference between u and I is that my anxiety did not latch onto it, so I had a “what will be will be” attitude rather than panic stations. I’m sure all will be fine with you, try to relax and be kind to yourself, it’s natural to have a normal degree of worry but cancer forums etc are a big NO for people with anxiety. Good luck.xx
  9. Wonderer

    Feeling defeated

    HDC anxiety messes with our vision, I was having some really weird vision changes that panicked me greatly but when my anxiety went down so did the vision issues, although it’s always good to have an eye test to make sure everything’s ok. As for smelling things, that happens to me all the time lol, I never really think about it as a worrying thing because I know it happens to other people too! Best thing u can do is have your eye test and cut out any compulsions surrounding these issues, it’s just run of the mill OCD, U can do it! X
  10. Firstly I’d like to congratulate you on uni! Yay! What an achievement!I I don’t want to go into too much detail or reassurance around ur latest issue, all I will say is that I live with a man and 2 boys, I frequently end up sitting on a wet toilet seat during the night from my sons missing the bowl in the dark or whatever, what I do next is dry myself a bit and go back to bed, no shower, no soap, just dry and away I go, there’s also times I see drops of pee around the toilet on the floor but don’t have the time to clean it right away, it doesn’t bother me because I do not have a contamination issue with it....nothings ever happened to me, I’ve not got sick or anything, so my advice will be as always is to resist your compulsions and try and curb that ruminating on the subject, u have so much positivity in ur life atm, don’t let OCD interfere! X
  11. Wonderer

    Being a parent

    Oh I can do relate to this, my eldest has a hearing impairment and my youngest has ASD and OCD and I have spent many wasted hours wondering what I could have done to cause this issue, did I clean his ears out too hard when he had an infection? Did I not give my youngest enough attention as an infant...and on and on! My friends son has a rare condition, so rare in fact that it doesn’t have a name but falls under the liver disease category and she was also beside herself looking for reasons as to why and what she may have done to cause it, it’s an awful thing to go through but I think part and parcel of being a parent but we must put our doubts to one side and just deal with issues at hand as best we can! Xx
  12. Awww Lost I’m sorry...BUT u will never carry out ur intrusive thoughts, why? Well because ur so anxious that u might! Being a little forgetful will not make u do anything that u don’t want to do, especially when it comes to obsessions because I’ll bet that even though you have had a foggy head, there’s not a day goes by that u aren’t aware of what ur doing around ur obsessions and compulsions because u are actively working on them, this is just another ocd thought and u need to let it go and not focus on it so much. You’re deffo just feeling a bit stressed and poorly and u need to look after yourself and be kind to yourself xxx
  13. Wonderer

    Pregnancy and OCD

    Hey, yes! I didn’t take anything although I did go to a doctor to talk about a referral to counselling, I didn’t know it was OCD at the time, I thought my hormones were messing with me but years later when it returned and I was diagnosed I was like “oh that’s what was wrong me when I was pregnant!” Although it was quite tough at the time, it wasn’t as severe as it has been in the relapses that came years later. I know it’s a scary thought to have to go the 9 months without any meds should ur ocd get bad but in all reality, 9 months isn’t really a very long time and the focus on the baby coming is a good distraction too! Xx
  14. Hey Lost, sorry ur not feeling too good at the moment! I have those forgetful symptoms and clumsiness when my anxiety is bad, at one point I was thinking there might be something going on in my brain! I did go to the doctors though and was reassured that stress was the cause, I had bloods to rule out anemia and vitamin deficiencies, I definitely think u should make an appointment, at the end of the day we should not put everything down to stress because then one day we may neglect to look after our physical health! I have a compromised immune system too, after an illness 5yrs ago, I get injections to boost it every time I get my flu jab, maybe u could ask about that to help with the sickness you keep experiencing? Deffo do not feel like ur wasting a doctors time, u are as deserving as anyone else and u need to look after yourself! Feel better soon xx
  15. Wonderer

    Therapist visit today

    Well, I’m so happy ur finally in therapy! That might be their feelings right now but that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what’s going to happen, you could make such improvements that u won’t need to continue therapy long term but if that’s what does need to happen then great, whatever is there to help u and improve ur life them take it! X