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  1. Good for u for not showering! I live at home with my partner and two sons, sometimes when I go to pee in the middle of the night I literally sit on a lot of urine left over by one of the 3 lol, I am not going to shower at 3am or whatever time it is, I wipe myself down and dry the toilet seat and go back to bed, I never think about it and nothing has happened to me! Keep going because OCD is exaggerating the risk of contact with urine, even if u do make contact, nothing will happen to you! U can do t! X
  2. I agree somewhat but sometimes the physical symptoms last a long time after the OCD is under control, I got my OCD under control and still to this day I have physical anxiety at times although they’ve gradually come down to a very minimal level, the doctor told me that my body was conditioned to be on high alert because of the severity of my anxiety. Once I accepted that they were just false alarms I began to get along with my symptoms, it didn’t happen overnight but eventually they will settle, best thing to do is to not fight against them because then it making them relevant, just accept the symptoms but continue to do everything u normally do without allowing them to stop u living life.x
  3. Honestly, ever since my kids were born time has just felt like it’s flew by, my oldest willbe 16 this year and I’m like when did this happen?! Time is fast, we’re onmy here for a short while, but rather than worry yourself sick about it, the best thing to do is make the best of it, enjoy things a smith as u can, time will still love fast wether we worry about it or not, so what’s the point in worrying?’ X
  4. I think stuff like that too, mostly about why are we here? How did it happen? When will it all end? Etc BUT it is not an OCD theme for me as I don’t get overly anxious about it, just kinda curious, I’ve always been a curious person. I think everyone thinks these thoughts but it’s to the degree that they bother u that matters.xx
  5. It might not be withdrawal, more likely the fact that ur sick and run down ur anxiety is up. I get physically anxious when I’m sick, I had a throat infection recently and was having lots of physical anxiety symptoms despite not having anxious thoughts about being sick or anything, it’s the defences being down in the body I think.x
  6. I would take anything that orwell1984 says with a pinch of salt, I don’t use OCD action anymore as it’s nothing but a reassurance fest in there 99% of the time and I contacted the mods several times about him because he doesn’t seem to know what he’s talking about and tends to do more damage than good most of the time, and he also berates OCD uk on there as well! Just realised there’s someone on this site also called Orwell1984 and I am pretty confident they are NOT the same person so apologies for any confusion caused!
  7. Maybe it’s different now but I was using the free meditations for a good while? I did end up paying monthly after a while so I could unlock more meditations as I enjoyed them so much but I am sure there are free ones on the app too xx
  8. I used headspace for months! When I was really bad it was fab, the are 5min mini meditations u can do when U get overwhelmed during the day and I used the longer ones to help me relax and get over to sleep at night, really relaxing. I now just use white noise or nature sounds to help relax me at night but would def use headspace again if I got bad again.xx
  9. I don’t know many narcissistic people that are upset at the thought of being one or that are even aware that they are one. I’ve met a few and 1 in particular would surely berate the life out of me if I were to tell him he is one, I think a good logic to go by is if OCD is throwing this at u then u can be pretty certain it is the opposite of ur true character!
  10. You absolutely will get past this. I did. I went through the exact same thing as you, convinced I was a horrible, disgusting excuse of a human being and felt guilt all the time, if I smiled or laughed I immediately got anxiety, because my brain would say I didn’t deserve to be happy. A year later and nothing from my past has changed, I still did all those things I obsessed about and felt so bad about, but they don’t bother me now, simply because I’m better now, OCD has lifted and so I can see clearly now and rationally. There’s still some things I’m not proud of but I have a different perspective on them now, I’ve cut myself some slack, I’m sorry for any horrible things I ever did, that is enough, it’s ok to move past them and forward in our lives, not to mention the perceived mistakes we beat ourselves up for are very nearly always water off a ducks back to people who don’t have OCD!xx
  11. Absolutely! I believe that having trust and love in ourselves is the biggest gift we can give ourselves, trust in yourself and don’t believe OCD lies.xx Brilliant! That’s what I like to hear! Xx
  12. Hi guys, I haven’t been on in a while, which is awesome really because it means I’m well and feeling less and less inclined to check out the forums, however I do check In now and again to see how you’re all doing, I’d just like to wish u all a happy new year, and to thank all of you for the kind words and support in the past also. This year for many will still be difficult, and for some recovery will happen, whichever one it is I hope u all treat yourselves with kindness and compassion and remember that u are all the most amazing people fighting one of the most difficult battles, celebrate every achievement no matter how small and use every slip up as a learning tool and motivation to try again. Best of luck to u all ❤️
  13. Yes it’s all getting a bit confusing! Weirdly they rang me yesterday, I sent my form back 5wks agi, they’re currently working on it and he just wanted to confirm a few details, said he’s gunna try and have it sorted for me before Christmas as he thinks I may have been entitled to some premiums I never got! It would be so nice to get something so I could clear off a couple of debts and put some money away for my kids! Here’s hoping! Good luck with yours xx
  14. Angst a few years ago I had my ESA taken off me after a reassessment and I appelaed it and won, it was so upsetting at the time so I too panic a little when it’s time to reassess, when I received that letter recently I instantly panicked but rang up and had the conversation with someone from the ESA who reassured me on this one! Apparently it’s been on the news and everything but I hadn’t seen it lol x
  15. Hi, I got that letter too, it’s because the DWP made a mistake by putting people into contributions based ESA instead of income related, they’re sending letters out to those who may be affected, they owe those people money, u will not lose ur current money, they’re checking to see wether they owe u a back payment, the back pay is quite substantial in some cases so get that form filled in and send it off. Don’t worry about it.xx
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