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  1. Wonderer

    So, I have autism

    ❤️ Thank u so much lost ❤️ xx
  2. Wonderer

    So, I have autism

    This isn’t necessarily true, all people on the spectrum are different, my son is doing a thousand times better than he was last year, his anxiety is so much less than it’s ever been. I mentioned before I’m suspected Aspergers myself, I am OCD free and 90% anxiety free at the moment myself! Please don’t write yourself off as never getting better, you CAN! X
  3. Hey, I am suspected Aspergers, my son has Aspergers and OCD, I have 2 close friends and a group of “mates” who I don’t really see but stay in touch with, I too have a problem with socialising, I also bore people with knowledge of whatever my latest “thing” is lol, I like my daily routine, my cleaning (non ocd) cooking and organising my family, I can go and do things outside of my routine but do prefer to have prior lnowledge as I don’t do last minute very well! My therapist said that almost 90% of people with OCD he sees have autism as well, it is a symptom of autism in the majority of autistic people. However it’s not of course set in stone that u must have autism to have OCD! It’s such a huge spectrum though so a lot of people don’t think they have it, or just have “traits” of it, when in reality they do have it but are on the higher functioning end of the spectrum, but, I suppose what really matters is U have identified where u have difficulties and want to change, so the diagnosis probably won’t make an iota of a difference to u, it’s what u do about the difficult symptoms u are experiencing that counts! X
  4. Wonderer

    Success Stories

    YES! I love reading success stories, it’s so good to see people doing well and getting their lives back, OCD can feel like a life sentence, but it most definitely is not, if you only commit to making yourself uncomfortable to become comfortable again! It’s definiteky a huge battle to get control but it is there for anyone who wants to take it....good luck everyone xxx
  5. Wonderer

    Please help

    Hi battlethrough, I used to confess a lot too but once I learned that it was OCD I decided to stop, the feelings u describe of being a fraud, guilt and as though u are keeping a secret are so crippling but even though I had those I didn’t confess and eventually it went away, it wasn’t easy but no matter how real it feels now it will and can disappear without confessing! Keep resisting, u can do it xx
  6. Wonderer

    The reason why it started

    Spot on! This was when I first had OCD but didn’t know I had it yet so was at conventional talking therapy, not cbt, while it was helpful to have someone to talk to at the time it wasn’t the correct treatment, dwelling on the whys is not helpful to us but learning to not react the way we do through cbt is!xx
  7. Wonderer

    The reason why it started

    Hey, I truly believe there is a link to incidents that actually happen to us and our OCD, not always but if you have OCD it’s gunna latch onto things we fear and if something unpleasant has happened to us then yes it can trigger a theme, for example, I had an incident as you describe happen to me when I was 4, randomly as I sat at my door step...I began to suffer sexual theme OCD thoughts about me possibly being capable of the same thing when my eldest son was 4! I never saw the link until a counsellor pointed it out during a life river exercise! Their are other themes I have directly related to things from my past! X
  8. Awk lost, it’s so unfortunate that u have so much stresses in ur life,, it’s inevitable that during recovery if we get stressed, our recovery can go up in the air but with time u can avoid that from happening but it does take a lot of determination and TLC, we need to always look after ourselves, make sure we are eating and drinking plenty, when anxiety strikes and the appetite goes it has a knock on effect, get plenty of sleep and take time out when u have to. Remember that u are always number one! Evaluate the situation too, is there anything u can do about it? If not then try not to worry about it, if u can, then get on it and then try and not worry about it! Easier said than done I know! Well done on the 24hr kettle, I know what a huge deal that is for u and u deserve to be extremely proud of yourself, u should try and treat yourself to something nice after a week of doing that, to give yourself something to look forward to! Keep up the good work and good luck! Xx
  9. Yay! This made me smile, ur so committed to ur recovery, u WILL get there, 75% is an amazing achievement! I love how u have picked yourself up and vow to continue, that’s inspirational, the blips can knock us for six but it’s what we do about them that matters and ur deffo on the right path! So pleased for u!xx
  10. Hi Lost! How are u doing? Ok I hope? Yes life is immeasurably different to how it once was, I’ve been doing things I haven’t done for years too, I went for lunch with 2 family members from Canada I’d never met yesterday which was huge in itself but it was also in town, which I’ve avoided for a very long time and I got the bus home which I’ve also avoided for the past two years! I had a doctors appointment today too, I have a lump in my right breast, I’ve been referred to the breast clinic at a cancer hospital for further tests, but you know what? I’m not worried about it! I don’t think it’s anything to worry about and if it is, I’ll deal with it when the time comes, last year I would’ve had myself dead and buried in my mind! My sons turning 15 tomorrow and we had family round tonight for a take away and cake, despite the fact I’ve a terrible tummy bug and wasn’t in the mood...life is just getting better, I’m not saying all of that to blow my own trumpet, but to show anyone who reads this that recovery is more than possible, if I can do it, anyone can! I’ve not been on here as much which is ironically a good sign, so I’m not up to speed on how everyone else is coming along so I really hope ur ok after ur wee blip?!xx
  11. Hey! That’s a good way to look at things! I had a grumpy few days, had a cry and felt fine after it, it’s good to feel things when u haven’t for so long! But yes, I did wonder should’ve I got myself so upset about it but at the same time some issues did need to be addressed and I didn’t let them go as I would have before, which worked out great as the kids are being a lot more polite to me 😂😂 xx
  12. Hey everyone, how are u all doing? I have noticed something, when I was really bad with OCD I was so anxiety ridden that I never really got upset about normal things, I put everyone on a pedestal because I was so grateful for all the wonderful support I got, I felt so guilty all the time that not a lot anyone else did bothered me! Last week I got a bit down in the dumps, feeling a bit under appreciated at home, I’ve a son turning 15 this weekend and my youngest is almost 12 and I felt that they aren’t really appreciating everything I do for them around the house etc, I got a bit teary for a couple of days, generally this is an unpleasant experience and while it was, I actually reflected and now I feel great, because at last I’m back to being normal, it’s good that things are annoying me, it’s good that I can recognise when things are getting to me, NORMAL things that would get to anyone! So yes, I’ve discovered that while I was ill I didn’t have many feelings except for anxiety and now that I’m finally living outside of my head again I’m having down days when appropriate and also great days too, what a relief to finally be able to feel again! Another achievement is that when I felt low I didn’t automatically panic myself into thinking I was unstable again or depressed, that had been an issue before! All I can say is, bring on ALL the feelings! Hope everyone else is coming along? Xx
  13. Wonderer

    So, I have autism

    My son has autism, he’s 11 and therapy for his OCD is proving to be difficult for him and he’s having very slow progress, I am suspected autism and I am pretty sure I do have it, I’m recovered from OCD atm so it can be done xx P.S there is nothing “wrong” with you, don’t think like that, it’s so negative and will be detrimental to your mental health.x
  14. Becky, just because u don’t get a physical anxiety response doesn’t mean u want the thoughts, i consider myself recovered now, I still have the thoughts, the ones that have stuck the most are the harm thoughts towards my kids, I have them a few times a day, I don’t care anymore, I don’t like them but I don’t take them seriously at all anymore, they started when my youngest was 1, he’s almost 12 now, I’m pretty sure if I was going to do something I would’ve done it by now lol, the aim of OCD recovery is to become ok with the thoughts, not because u want them but because u see them for what they are, nonsense! It takes the power away from them, the anxiety slowly disappears and that’s the aim of the game! Xx
  15. Hi Phil, I always find comfort in the fact that whatever my OCD attacks are clearly things I love the most. If u didn’t care or love children then u wouldn’t have OCD about them. I know that u know all this anyways but sometimes we just need to remind ourselves that if we are being OCD about something you can pretty much guarantee that it’s the opposite of our true character. Well done with the tranquilliser withdrawal, I hope u start to feel better soon xx