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  1. You may have read/heard that something becomes an issue mentally when "It causes distress and interferes in your life on a regular basis" (or a variation of that.) They word it in such an open way is because a diagnosis is secondary to helping someone in distress. If this is stopping you living the life you want and causes distress definitely talk to your GP about it.
  2. It sounds like your mom isn't the right person to be talking to about OCD at the moment, I'm not saying she's a bad person but at the moment it doesn't sound like she's a going to be of help. I'd say try and find some counciling away from your mother, try and let things cool down between you and your mom. Can you see your GP/family doctor and ask about getting referred to a councilor or psychologist?
  3. It's a closed group so someone I know would have to coincidentally be a member, or someone I don't know would have to be nasty (for no reason I can think of.) I thought I was just being paranoid.
  4. Does anyone ever feel that when they have OCD around a certain object, like re-checking, or something repetitive that that object will set off there anxiety and they need to get rid of it? For example a book or a video game. It's difficult for me to keep anything for long periods.
  5. I recently joined a Facebook group, it's my real Facebook account so is attached to a lot of people. I'm extremely embarrassed about my OCD and haven't told 99% of the people I know about it. Has anyone on here had any issues with using a mental health group on Facebook? Friends receiving OCD/mental health related stories, unwanted messages etc?
  6. He gets a fare few complaints. He doesn't have (and has never had) OCD. He give's advice that goes against a lot of things that are considered established facts by experts. He should be banned, very destructive.
  7. Yup I've already agreed with Hal about it being a cycle. I'm sure you do a lot of good on this forum but it seems like you haven't read anything I've written. No offense intended. Yes I have tried various other medications including Fluoxetine.
  8. @Hal I think your right about exercise for a few reasons. It increases sleep quality, that "boost" you talked about and the fact it just makes people feel better is good for motivation and lessens the need for caffeine to provide that extra nudge. Exercise and mental health is just such a difficult combination, I know I need to do more.
  9. @PolarBear Yeah I realized that, hence "sedating medication" being in the title of the thread, also mentioned it a couple of times within the posts and mentioned I've had 3 blood tests in the last 10 years after telling various doctors about low energy levels.
  10. @PolarBear I take 150mg of Clomipramine. (Nothing else.) @Hal It's definitely a cycle just one that I don't really have an answer for. If I stopped drinking coffee I wouldn't get anything done and would spend even more time in bed. I'm better than I used to be, I've replaced maybe on third of my coffees for decaf. @Isthisreality @Bodger I've had 3 blood tests over the last 10 or so years after complaining to various doctor's about energy levels and never had anything outside the norm. Iron tablets are pretty small financial commitment though so I'll give them a shot anyway. Thanks.
  11. I understand this may seem a bit petty in comparison to how emotionally other posts are written. I'm just trying to keep things practical. My energy levels and the often negative effects of caffeine (which I can't get through the day without) has a significant effect on my anxiety, ADHD and OCD, (all diagnosed) which are pretty unbearable at times.
  12. My medication can be quite sedating and my energy levels are generally bad, my work can also be quite un-eventful and boring (delivery driver.) In turn I drink quite a lot of coffee/caffeinated drinks which is bad for my anxiety and can make me irritable and short tempered. Sedating medication is a pretty common complaint (with mental health medication) how have people in this forums delt with that?
  13. Sorry that looked more like a rant than "advice" on my part haha. In terms of dealing with OCD when some has attention, hyper activity issues I'd say exercise (cardio) is a big help, limit caffeine, guided mediation can be great but takes a lil practice (trying straight up sitting still for 15 minutes can be counter productive), it might sound corny but also just being in nature, bush walks etc, reading is great for getting to sleep but again is a bit of a double edged sword in terms of possibly getting into rereading obsessions etc.
  14. The reason it took decades to recognize it as a problem is because it takes significant exposure over long periods to do any damage. It sounds like your safer than 99% of the population.
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