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OCD-UK Conference - 2019

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I am working on the agenda over the next couple of weeks so please do continue to suggest which topics you would like to see discussed and if we can accommodate we will.

For those that want to come and the price is an issue, if it is at all helpful then we have enabled the ability for you to pay a small deposit today (10% of the total ticket price) then 6x monthly payments (15% of the total ticket price each month).



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Presently lots of sufferers are staying stuck because they aren't actually doing what they are advised to do, and carry on doing the same same old same old thinking and behaviours, keeping them not only stuck but adding more layers, more power, to their OCD. 

Also, sufferers don't seem willing to make notes - and so come back asking the same old questions, getting the same answers, but never making changes - and staying stuck. 

Anything that might help here would be worthwhile - perhaps some brainstorming in a group session? 

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Many people are stuck in a wait for CBT - and desperate to make some progress meanwhile. 

This for me is where self-help books can make a difference. 

But they aren't much use unless the reader goes over things until they really understand, and teams the new-found knowledge up with making thinking and behavioural changes. 

So many of us simply read the book, don't keep working at it until we "get" it, don't carry out homework and don't work on making those changes. 

Result - the self-help didn't help, and the reader has a poor impression of CBT. 

Maybe there could be a piece on getting the best out of self-help CBT for OCD?

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Conference site visit completed today.  Venue nice and clean and tidy, easy to find the conference suite.   The conference venue is next to the local bus station, and also has about 150 car parking spaces (although hotel guests will have some of those), there's a multi-story car park 5 minutes walk away through the town centre. 

Planning the agenda hopefully completed within the next two weeks. 





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