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  1. Decided to kick the caffeine once and for all... Crazy to drink a substance which creates anxiety (for me). Wish me luck... 

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    2. gingerbreadgirl


      Today is day four and feel noticeably calmer, less irritable and less jittery. Also massively tired though! Sticking with it so far even though I do miss that lovely cuppa Joe. 

    3. lostinme


      Wow your doing so well gbg, after a while it will become the norm and hopefully you won't miss cuppa Joe :) x

    4. taurean


      If you also work through some mindful meditations you can lessen the anxiety some more. 

      When I was really anxious mindful meditation was ever so helpful. 

      There are plenty of mini meditations available, but my absolute favourites are downloadable from a CD called "mini meditations for stress-free living", 7 fabulous 10-minute guided meditations by Australian psychologist Simonette Vaja. 

      It's available from Amazon or New World Music. 

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