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Existential OCD

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That's nicely summed up PB. 

And we all make a big, really big, effort to help - in fact an international effort, as three persons of different country domicile are pulling together thanks to the Web. 

Indeed, I made my last post in the middle of the night here, after needing to take a comfort break; that's dedication to help everyone, plus help from the latest mobile phone technology :) I could have just gone back to sleep, but I felt "compelled" to see if I couldn't help anyone first :smile:


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2 hours ago, PolarBear said:

Phil, all OCD sufferers get caught in a curcular cycle of thinking. They all end up foing the same things over and over. You are not alone. 

Here, in this thread, we deal with you and your cycle. Or cycles. You have your contamination cycle, your existentialism cycle and your posting cycle. You likely don't realize it but the way you post, one obsession after another, is OCD at work. We are trying to grt you to break the cycle. We are trying to help you.


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