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  1. is it me or does the forum seem quieter now? good if because fewer people are struggling!

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    2. taurean


      I don’t think it's that BelAnna. 

      It is what it is, but at least those that do join and post get help, that's what matters :)


    3. BelAnna


      Maybe not then Taurean and not by you even if it was that!

      I think a few forum users did tell a few regular posters (myself included) to reduce their posting (e.g. if it seemed like reassurance seeking) but that's fair enough as long as we/they can still get support.

    4. gingerbreadgirl


      It's tricky, there's a fine line between not wanting people to ask for reassurance which will make ocd worse and making them feel unwelcome.  We have to be really careful not to make people feel they're a burden  - we all know how horrible ocd can be!