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  1. The question I have is are you fellow sufferers always aware of your ocd being around or do you just ignore it? I find if I try and convince myself it’s not real then it gets worse. for instance in my head ocd pops up I’ll say yes it’s ocd and move on. Feel the need to check.. yes ocd .. move on.. is there a better way of handling it? Or am I on the right path?
  2. I have an obsession with my partners past..at every opportunity I’m looking for things to back up what the ocd believes..it’s driving me nuts.. once triggered I go into I don’t care mode which ends up with me doing compulsions… I can clearly see it’s ocd but find it so hard.. how would you guys on here deal with this?!
  3. I agree with Handy.. get some exercise or go for a walk. Your more than likely sitting around waiting for the anxiety to go but while your thinking about it it wont
  4. Coincidences only happen when your looking for them. Move in, do something else with your time
  5. 1) I would only shower when you really need to shower 2) only use toilet when you know you need to go 3) I only wipe three times and that’s it.. I got stuck on wiping several times and it made me sore 4) good practice to wash hands after use of toilet but only once well done on reducing so far.. keep up the good work
  6. My ocd in my relationship takes the form of me not trusting her...always watching what she does... every little thing I can question...if I can train myself not to ask questions that don’t need to be answered and keep my mouth shut when I get these thoughts then I’m hoping that will be a good start
  7. So a few days into my new attitude towards the ocd... it’s been so liberating to have a don’t care attitude...I’m surprised myself at how better I feel already... don’t get me wrong.. the ocd is still there every minute of the day but not being tied down towards it is very freeing... and guess what... so far I’ve not made any mistakes or errors in my work...you know for a fact I’ll mess up now...lol if I could now get this attitude towards my relationship ocd then I’m sure I’ll be recovered to the point that my long awaited appointment for cbt will no longer be required...
  8. You need to leave this one alone... it’s trouble for everyone involved all you will get is relief for a few moments and then you’ll still be stuck in the same position
  9. My advice would be go watch a film with your girlfriend and enjoy what you have otherwise you may end up losing her My marriage broke up after 20 years, I lost my home,wife and kids because of ocd... it’s a real high price to pay dont let this illness take anything else away from you
  10. It’s horrible but all you can do is wait it out... in time it will pass... the bad news is there will always be another thought,urge,impulse to get your attention... the nature of the beast good luck mate... feel your pain
  11. Today has been the final straw...all day long my ocd has been around, from 7am to 10pm while I’ve been at work... constantly checking everything I do... every minute of the day checking my work..worrying I’ve missed something...scared of making a mistake... it’s so exhausting... I can’t take this anymore... this ocd is no longer going to rule my life... no longer will it take away all my attention...from now on I’m willing to make mistakes... not be as perfect as I want to... live with uncertainty...I’d rather be known as someone who messes up all the time than a checker who doesn’t trust himself... and breath
  12. Does anyone else have a name for there ocd i always call mine Goliath so anything that seems like ocd i blame Goliath Does anyone else do anything similar?
  13. Unfortunately in my case they can come and go from a few days to a few weeks... eventually they pass away...
  14. It sounds like ocd... I can be having a conversation then if something sticks I will repeat it... when I catch myself doing it I tell myself it’s ocd then move on to something else...
  15. Hi Cornerstone what you’ve explained is exactly what I went through with my partner only a few months back... it’s been with me for over two years... I couldn’t leave it alone....she couldn’t win with me the more she told me the more I got into a jealous rage.... numerous arguments all started because of me... the amount of time I packed my bags ready to leave her...I still feel ashamed of myself because of the way I was.... I’m surprised we’re still together after what I put her through I got to the point we’re I knew I couldn’t keep doing this to her so I had to stop the questions... even now I get the thoughts and urges to ask but it won’t do me or her any good all I can say is do your best not to ask and distract yourself when the thoughts come to mind my relationship is better now because I stopped.... I hope you can do the same... you have it in you
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