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To me it's such a shame that government seems only to be truly realising the value of our NHS, and how under-resourced it is, in a pandemic situation. 

Apparently, according to the press, they have even been writing off some health trusts' accumulated losses now, including ours. Seemingly they want it to have a fresh start. 

Northampton has been badly hit by Coronavirus and there have been many deaths at Northampton General and Kettering General Hospital. 

But these hospitals are serving a rapidly-expanding community, with new housing estates going up all over the county - and the NHS is forced to outsource large amounts of work to private hospitals. 

There never seems a lack of money to provide new schools that are needed for these developments - so why not an additional hospital? 

And the health service will be finding itself pressured on the mental healthcare side too by the new arrivals, and the resultant ongoing mental health problems caused by the coronavirus. 

I would like to see government understanding the need for that additional NHS hospital and mental health resources. Perhaps now they might see the need. 

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The NHS will always seem underfunded until management of all trusts is sorted & changed.  The amount of unnecessary beaurocracy, the wasted money at so many levels, outrageous salaries & pensions, ridiculous procurement systems, training in unnecessary things etc etc.  Until & unless this is sorted our NHS will always be under pressure

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I agree Taurean. Endless reforms of the NHS do not help and the public/private finance initiatives do help with trusts incurring huge debts and contracts lasting up to 30 years.  Our spend per capita is low. Compare with other socialised systems such as Canada, Germany, Denmark  and then compare the current death rates.

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