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  1. I have just successfully passed my interview and have got a job position as a peer support worker helping people with mental health and helping them in recovery, this is what I've always wanted to do.....However my OCD is rearing its ugly head and making me doubt that the job is unsuitable and that I wish I had never gone for it, as I was so sure that I wouldn't have got it! Maybe I am reassurance seeking I dont know, all I know is I'm terribly anxious and my thoughts and doubts won't leave me alone! This is what I want to do, I've even sent an application to attend psychotherapy training, this is what I want and I am over the moon that my career is going were I want it too, however, these niggles are in the background.....How can I get over these niggles? I know that a job is just a job and if I dont like it thats ok! Although yesterday my darling husband who doesn't have a clue about OCD was like I hope this is the last job and your not going to leave! Well I zm going to talk to him about that later, cos that is awful to say to someone that has doubts anyways! Any help and advise.....Or should I just go with the flow, accept it and see what happens x Thanks for reading x
  2. Fab post Ashley, have you by any chance thought about dating sites to get you back into socialising etc
  3. I know its silly, irrational and OCD! But my anxiety is through the roof, because I am so scared of becoming mad! This morning, I woke up and felt fine. To be honest my OCD has been quite bad with many things lately, as I with the doctor has reduced my meds so instead of 150mg I'm now on 100, although sometimes I forget to take them to now and again! I want to come off them anyways, as been on them for 11 years! but I just try my best to get on with things, and I'd say I am coping. Its just the odd pop ups that take hold sometimes. Anyways I'll get to the point! This morning I was fine, then I told my hubby to do a brew, and he did.... Everything fine, yes and no. As soon as I took a sip, I had a pop up of what if my hubby has poisoned my tea! Then obviously thoughts omg I'm going mad, ohhhh I'm paranoid etc etc, i know its stupid, if my hubby was going to kill me, he'd have done it 25 years ago! Anyways my anxiety and thoughts are still there despite me knowing its silly! How I hate you OCD. Why would something like this even enter my mind! Thanks for ready, any help?
  4. I've just woken up, but now seriously panicking and can't seem to shut off! I had a dream, obviously can't remember it.....but fragments of it ate racing in my mind and it feels like my minds glitching and its awful. Its just there, and won't stop or go away! How can I stop it....Or should I just accept it and hopefully it'll lose the power to scare me! Just wanted to share, and hope that I'm not the only one thats had or having this. Thanks
  5. I have been totally fine, despite the current circumstances! However I have always had a niggly feeling.....And today, whilst I was painting and trying to occupy my mind from wondering, it wondered, but like I said I have always thought this deep down, but now its making me anxious and I feel like I'm going mad and that I'm going to have a panic attack! In January of last year, I actually had a feeling that something horrible was going to happen that year, and I was really on edge..... In the February my brother inlaw died suddenly on my sons 12th birthday! Aged 46.... Then around October, November time of last year I was thinking about a virus that would cause disruption! And what would happen etc..... And now i am in total panic thinking i can read the bloody future, i know totally irrational..... But I'm proper stressing out and frightened that I'm going mad! Please help ?
  6. Right before I start, just want to say I suffer with health anxiety and with this Corona virus going around I do feel very uneasy. I have had this tickly cough on and off since October, but although irritating I just got on with it because Corona wasn't really out there as such..... But now different story, havent had this tickly cough for at least 3 weeks, and now its back but with whats happening right now is making me feel really anxious because of Covid..... I'm so scared, that I may have it, even though this cough has been on and off for a while. I told my hubby and he just says I'm being silly and that I haven't got it, its just a cough....But the uncertainty is How do you know its not! I have no temp, nothing and feel relatively well in myself considering the anxiety..... Its just this tickly cough and not sure if its that or not...... ???
  7. Probably could be all anxiety symptoms, as i do tend to overthink and overlook my symptoms, which is my OCD at play. But this cough, just comes out of the blue and then can't stop, its like a tickle in my throat. Obviously I've googled snd come up with heart failure and lung cancer, which wont help I know.
  8. I have OCD and yes it gets on my nerves and drives me insane at times, especially when stressed. But I was just wondering if anyone else has physical symptoms, that make them feel lousy too! Since October I've had this horrible irritating cough, apparently everyone says I've always cleared my throat since I was young and put it down to a nervous cough. But lately I just feel so crappy in myself, and just feel like my health is suffering with aches and pains on a dsily basis, headaches, feeling sick and obviously the palpitations etc. Its so exhausting. Anyone else feel pants? I'm only 43.
  9. First of all I can understand how you are feeling and OCD is a horrible illness. However, what you are experiencing is like everyone has said is totally normal! Now you can accept what everyone has said and move on or continue to worry and obsess, and make yourself feel absolutely rubbish the decision lies with you! I would also just like to say that we have all had thoughts and we have all obsessed over such thoughts, thats OCD! And this is what we all have to battle with..... I also want to make you aware that every human being, has approximately 50,000 thoughts a day, maybe more with us having OCD, but like I'm saying 50,000 thoughts are alot that come and go in everyone's minds, they may have horrid thoughts, pop up thoughts, thoughts of what they are going to do or see, these thoughts could be anything, and thats just what they are thoughts! They are nothing..... And lastly you have said numerous times that you absolutely love this dog! Dogs are good for our wellbeing and I think this dog may actually help you more! Got a thought? take the dog for a walk, got a thought? Pet the dog! Got a thought? Play with the dog..... I love dogs myself and think they are lovely creatures....So what if your thinking negatively about the dog, who cares no one, but your OCD is seeing it as an opportunity to make anything good and great into something bad and ****! And only you can change this! Enjoy the dog...... Jo x
  10. I obsess over everything from morning to night, i suppose at the minute my health anxiety is really high at the minute as i was ill on my holiday, and just feel so deflated now, that i didnt enjoy it as much. I slso have lots of mucous on my chest thats burning and I'm really scared! My dad died this year from a lung disorder, he had lots wrong with him though before he died.... but cant seem to get the breathing part out of my head, and with having this fullness and pain in my chest, its all I'm worrying about!
  11. Why do i obsess over stupid thoughts that just come out of the blue! Just thoughts that dont even frighten me, just daft silly thoughts that come and then wont go and then i start obsessing over them then start getting all depressed, just cos of a daft silly thought! Its like i am so tired and scared of even thinking of anything, cos i know it'll spiral out of control and I'll make myself worse! This also links into my fears of becoming insane and out of control also.....
  12. Told my hubby i wanted to see a doctor, but thinks I'm overreacting, as i suffer with health anxiety and my ocd thoughts are being afraid of dying etc. I do feel pants, but its just a cold....and I'm dramatising it 100 times more, because thats my ocd making my symptoms worse. I'm only here till friday, so if i feel like this when i get back to uk, i will go to doctors then. As i have this feeling before, and doctors are reluctant at giving antibiotics anyway if its only viral. I'll try and challenge my ocd and to think more positive. Its the nights that are the worst, when everyone is in bed. That the worrying of am i going to die hits.....
  13. My chest now feels really tight and feels like its burning, i feel so scared that its its something bad and I'm away from home! I've been coughing loads of phlegm up and just feel pants.... My mental health is suffering so bad!
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