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  1. I hear ya Madchoc! There was a time when I would have been exactly the same and your particular scenario would have sent me into a real tailspin. It wouldn't now. Ignore, ignore, ignore. Go do something else, stay busy, ignore the anxiety - it will fade.
  2. Hi BelAnna, The answer is yes! I used to have horrendous contamination ocd, and have beaten it into (almost!) submission by ignoring compulsions and thoughts. Not easy but it does work. I remember one bad day in particular (there were many!) when my Mum brought the bins up after they'd been emptied and refused to wash her hands afterwards. We were going out for the day and as well as it ruining the day out as I was so anxious all day, when I got home I had to clean my car, wash mine and my then toddler's clothes, shower, then bath my toddler and throw an entire bag of shopping away (all contaminated). This was by no means my worst day, but I use it as an example because just this weekend my Mum did the exact same thing with the bins, again just before getting in the car for a trip out. And it didn't bother me at all. There are many such stories I could tell, but the bottom line is it's all ocd. My ocd has moved onto other things now, so I'm by no means free (one day, maybe!) but it can be beaten!
  3. I've been taking Sertraline for 2 months now and had awful side effects that didn't go away, so currently weaning myself off (under DR supervision) and going back onto Fluoxetine. Others find them great though, so...
  4. Yup. I have said exactly this. Whatever my trigger at the time always feels like the worst possible thing.
  5. The 'what ifs' are what keeps the ocd going. Instead of 'what if' try 'so what', shrug it off and get on with something else x
  6. Hi @oetegenn1976 Other than what the others have said I can't offer much advice other than when a scary thought pops into your head, bat it away. I spent hours/days ruminating over health issues and feel much better for trying to ignore the thoughts and not engage with them. I'm going through a similar scenario, having repeat blood tests for raised levels and they want to send me for a CT scan but the thought of that terrifies me too (radiation) so have been putting it off I'm anaemic too, and it really can make you feel awful. I've noticed a big difference since taking iron tablets. You're not alone. Sending hugs
  7. Thanks @dksea - that's really helpful.
  8. I intend staying on meds a lot longer than that, but this particular one is making me feel awful.
  9. I was looking at coming off them in a year maybe, assuming I feel ready then. Hoping to have some decent CBT under my belt by then, but will see how it goes I guess. Do you have any experience, PB, as to whether one SSRI largely follows on from another, or whether I'd be starting from scratch again?
  10. Fair enough. I'll have to look into meds with the same active ingredient then I guess. I intend to use the boost to recover. And then come off meds altogether. Thanks for the information
  11. I definitely feel better, and was sliding towards getting depressed too which the medication has helped. I want to stay on medication, but not my current one.
  12. Hi all, Just a question - I'm over a month into taking Sertraline and I'm not loving the side effects, which sadly aren't showing any sign of fading any time soon. I have a DR appt in a few weeks and am considering asking to try a different SSRI. My question is, if I was to start on another medication would it be like starting all over again? Or as I've already been taking one for a while would it just continue on from there?
  13. Thanks Dk. I'll keep an eye on things.
  14. I did ask the DR and he said it was fine, but it's odd that the side effects have flared up again. Hopefully they'll disappear again soon.
  15. I did ask the DR at the time of prescribing and he said they were fine to take together, it's just odd that I was fine until I started taking the other tablets. I will stick with them, as I am noticing a difference already, I was just disappointed that the side effects I thought I'd got rid of have come back again. Thanks for your advice Dksea.
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