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  1. Try to find some "me time"  and gentle relaxation folks. It helps us unwind, and that's all to the good.

    1. lostinme


      Just put my feet up for the first time today, to say I was going to have a more relaxed day :lol: but good news is, I sorted and took two loads to the tip today. It was sad ? but I’m ok ? 

    2. taurean


      It is tough sorting and discarding, especially if you have a hoarding problem, so you did well there. 

      I have been to the recycle centre ten times in 5 weeks, I think the guys there are suspicious I am running a business and it isn't all domestic waste. :a1_cheesygrin:

    3. lostinme


      :lol: they probably will me too by the end of this year :a1_cheesygrin: