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  1. Been a really nice day here in the South Midlands. So I spent my time out and about on household business.

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    2. lostinme


      Yes I was literally just 5 mins into walk and it started ?, amazing :lol:

    3. lostinme


      Wow it looks like you had a good prosperous day Roy :yes:

      Hope Julie is feeling a little better today :)

    4. taurean


      Been another nice day, 10 degrees C! 

      Been to charity shop with a load of mugs to donate, drove to Tesco courtesy of satnav, drove to Homebase and ordered a self-assembly UPVC shed, cancelled free Virgin Voicemail and set up new voicemail which comes in our new phone system, and put away some of the kitchen things into the dresser. 

      Also spent an hour watching prime minister's questions and her statement on the spy poisoning and our response. 

      Unsurprisingly I have now gone for a rest :)