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  1. Been  for a gorgeous, mindful, drive in the country; just  car, me and satnav set to rolling maps.Divine bliss. 

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    2. taurean


      It was sheer joy down country roads. 

      The satnav was not set to navigate to a destination, so no voice prompts, but I could at a glance see how the road ahead looked on the rolling map, and it warned me of dangerous bends, speed limit changes and any specific hazards. 

      I ended up for a coffee and a cake in the town centre of Daventry - originally called Danetre - and took a drive to the housing estate below the hill which, when it was being built, contained the wireless masts of BBC Daventry broadcasting station. 

      When that housing estate was being built, for a few weeks a mate and I had a holiday job there dealing with snagging in  newly-built houses. My job was to repair cracks in timbers prior to the painters making good.

      A trip down memory lane - the wireless masts are long since gone. 

    3. lostinme


      Sounds like you had a wonderful day with lots of happy memories to look back on and cherish :yes:

    4. taurean


      Yes Indeed. I also took in the village of Long Buckby, where on another school holiday job I had worked in a crisp factory. 

      The factory buildings have gone now. 

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