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  1. It's so hot I just feel I have to to go to the pub for a cooling pint! 

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    2. taurean


      I follow my urologist's advice and drink a lot of water and squash as it helps to keep the urinary system in good trim (I have kidney stones). 

      So I am just drinking rather more than normal. And boy does it slip down right now 💦 


    3. lostinme


      Oh yes, it's always best to keep well hydrated in this weather :yes: 

      I've just started drinking remix vimto squash and it's delicious :)

    4. taurean


      It's cooler but still clammy, but not having to drink so much. 

      It was just the right temperature down at "The Cobblers" football stadium 🏟 last night, and the location (it's recessed and surrounded by high grass borders) was magical, as the grass had just been cut and the smell was divine. 

      And, of course, I had to have a drop of sponsor Carlsberg's ale (they have a massive brewery in Northampton). 

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