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  1. I am not in favour of wacking out the drugs to sufferers like us just like that. I would like to see more awareness among doctors of the help that charities such as ours can give in embracing CBT therapy through other means whilst on a waiting list for one to one CBT. For me, throwing the pills at people shouldn't be standard. Why may not the doctors encourage us towards self-help and charitable guidance instead?
  2. Getting autumnal. My SAD lightbox is up and running. 

    1. lostinme


      That's great Roy, every little helps :)

    2. taurean


      Just got one job left to finish in the garden. 

    3. lostinme


      That's great Roy, you can come and do mine then :lol:

  3. Maybe doctors might soon "prescribe" OCD-UK membership to help their patients. 

    1. Andrea


      LOL! It is so true :yes:

  4. OCD bags front seat and hogs our life. CBT helps put it into the wings.

    1. lostinme


      Hang on in there Roy, I have every faith you will soon be back in the driver's seat :)

    2. daja


      Hope you can see OCD in your rear-view mirror.

  5. Unfortunately a (little) bit OCD seems to have entered the vernacula - it appeared last night in a book I was reading - only a teeny weeny bit, but it grated.
  6. This is great news. And really good thinking to give it a go 👍
  7. Having a real tough time with the heat, cramp and a nasty headache tonight. 

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    2. Andrea


      I am glad you feel better Roy :thumbup: That is really good news :57439eb60db27_thumbup:

    3. taurean


      Yes better in some ways. But very tired physically and emotionally this evening. Will say more on my thread in the members' forum. 

    4. Andrea


      Hang in there Roy, and try to relax as much as possible :flowers: You can do it!:57439eb60db27_thumbup:

  8. I concur. I have sat in front of various people in my life who have an extremely high opinion of themselves and draw hasty, uninformed, conclusions, which I challenged. I like a therapist to not be dogmatic, to treat each patient as completely different. In the words of Shania Twain, "that don't impress me much!"
  9. I would like to see therapists take more time to assess an individual and not leap in with a rushed decision on what THEY (the high and mightly) think the patient needs, rather than teasing more information out of the patient and having some options to try. If a patient has say black and white thinking, over-generalisation and mind-reading negative cognitive thinking distortions, or other ones from the 15 common ones, these will need the appropriate CBT too! Its a fairly simple process to assess other negative thinking, if the patient is asked to keep a thought log for several days. Professionals are not always right, and even patients with apparently similar problems may actually require different approaches. Plus, having spent quite a lot of my career specialising in professional negligence insurance for all sorts of professionals, I know only too well how often they can make mistakes. So, for me it's more time assessing and diagnosing, and listening to feedback from the patient, and coming up with plans that are actively discussed with the patient.
  10. I think, from reading others comments, we need to pick the time to respond. And in the situation Ashley experienced, probably not responding was best given the circumstances. It seems that for everyone we do educate in the real challenges and horrors of OCD, another one or more will pop up with these wrong stereotype views. There is so much work to be done, but I think the charity does so wonderfully well, and I do my own little bit locally, as do others in some form or another. There is a lot of press attention currently to the massive problem of care funding for seniors - especially those with dementia. But so many of OCD sufferers are so handicapped that they are unable to work, unable to get going in life for lack of hands on help. It would be nice to get the plight of debilitated OCD sufferers more into the media awareness and onto prime time TV. This will need more organisations and activists joining our charity in seeking to make this happen.
  11. Perhaps the easiest response is to suggest they check out the OCD-UK website to really understand the realities of suffering with OCD.
  12.  In denial of global warming/climate change? Just review the last two weeks in UK. 

  13. It's so hot I just feel I have to to go to the pub for a cooling pint! 

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    2. taurean


      I follow my urologist's advice and drink a lot of water and squash as it helps to keep the urinary system in good trim (I have kidney stones). 

      So I am just drinking rather more than normal. And boy does it slip down right now 💦 


    3. lostinme


      Oh yes, it's always best to keep well hydrated in this weather :yes: 

      I've just started drinking remix vimto squash and it's delicious :)

    4. taurean


      It's cooler but still clammy, but not having to drink so much. 

      It was just the right temperature down at "The Cobblers" football stadium 🏟 last night, and the location (it's recessed and surrounded by high grass borders) was magical, as the grass had just been cut and the smell was divine. 

      And, of course, I had to have a drop of sponsor Carlsberg's ale (they have a massive brewery in Northampton). 

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