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  1. taurean

    Oil marks?

    You use on the right side what you know about semen - e.g. the spermatozoa quickly die if they are not inside a body, at body temperature; spilt semen quickly dries and becomes inert - factual things we know about sperm
  2. Reading is very good for easing the mind into a holiday from its normal worries and fears. Plus it can provide learning, inspiration, aspiration, relaxation. In the reader on this phone I have purchased several books so there is always something for me to read and enjoy, wherever I am.
  3. taurean

    Oil marks?

    Essentially. The left side is Theory A - that the OCD thoughts are true. The right side is theory B - challenging those thoughts to prove that the obsessional thoughts aren't true, and our anxious response to the thoughts can therefore only be because we are afraid that they are true. The result of the experient makes recovery a whole lot easier ; and it's helpful also because it makes the sufferer do the therapy homework themselves,using rational thinking - rather than seek reassurance from others - which OCD would then challenge.
  4. taurean

    Oil marks?

    Of course you are. You have an obsession around sperm. Common OCD theme. Therefore this intrusion "what if it's sperm and it contaminates the house and threatens people?". What to do - you let it go. Don't give belief to that thought. Going forwards from this, it would probably be good therapy wise to work a CBT behavioural experiment. Work out a few reasons for the OCD threats of sperm and contamination spread from one thing to another being real and true. Write them down on the left side of a page. Then write down on the right side of the page reasons you can think of as to why these reasons are not real, and you are just fearing that they are true. It's a powerful exercise and it should give you some clarity.
  5. Soon be time for the Christmas messages: The Queen,  Archbishop of Canterbury..... and Ashley. 

  6. OCD is typically episodic. The game is to spot when things are on the slide and deploy therapy techniques we have learned to arrest the slide. Make up a "toolchest" of what therapy techniques are helpful. And keep a blueprint showing how they have previously helped you in what scenario. But perhaps the best way to nip a slide in the bud is to refuse to connect with or give belief to an OCD intrusion. Look underneath the intrusion to find the false, exaggerated or repulsive OCD core belief that generates it, and see it for what it is - to everyone else it's just worthless mental junk. Re-attribute it therefore to OCD and leave it be and refocus away.Keep doing this gently but firmly until the intrusion stops nagging and drifts away (which will happen if you don't give it attention). By taking this action before OCD builds up a momentum you can keep the relapse just to a blip only, and recover equilibrium and resilience.
  7. Yes that's along the right lines re concern. But if the worry is outside our control - like Brexit - then we do what is sensible. E.g.I for my part don't think now is a great time to plunge into an investment in stocks and shares - market falling, too much uncertainty. OCD sufferers can suffer from a type of depression called secondary depression I.e.caused by OCD.
  8. taurean

    Laser dot when out.

    If one was an alien from another world and dropped in here and read a newspaper you could : Either think - this is a terrible world, full of ruthless dictators and warmongers. or Ok so there are some bad people here, same as everywhere. But aren't the locals friendly, and you have some real nice music. And isn't the real ale fantastic? As GBG says, there is a whole lot of grey out there, between the bad-doers and the saints. And we can live a great life in the grey zone. At a reunion lunch with old friends, I showed some pictures of the inside of our bungalow and one immediately responded "it's ever so untidy". There was no point in my trying to explain that our work inside is work in progress. This friend was never happy unless everything was meticulously clean and tidy. But how many of us have the luxury of the time to, if we even wanted to, be always meticulously clean and tidy? We compromise - we live somewhere within the grey zone. When I took to reading up on CBT in general, not just for OCD, it was eye-opening. We all have some elements of these "cognitive distortions", one of which is black-and-white thinking - and there are 14 others. And when an OCD sufferer - enough in itself - is affected by one or more of these cognitive distortions too, they also need to be exposed and tackled. I found I had four of the fifteen, and they were holding back my recovery. So I have self-treated those with CBT and overcome them. And doing that has aided my OCD recovery too.
  9. taurean

    Laser dot when out.

    It's just another obsessional theme. To get better we need to understand our themes and uncover the OCD core belief that underpins it. Then gradually working CBT methodology take that belief apart and show it for the wasteful worthless nonsense it really is. I have been right through this process and emerged at the other end happy and free of the mental chains that previously bound me. I don't just believe that CBT works - I know that it does.
  10. taurean

    Laser dot when out.

    My friend in a neighbouring road got burgled recently. Does that mean we will get burgled? Not necessarily. It simply means our area, lovely though it is, is just as susceptible to crime as anywhere else. We take sensible precautions and leave it at that.
  11. taurean

    Laser dot when out.

    My friend you are full of what ifs. As I drive around I often get flashes of light from the side or the back of the car. Do I worry? No. There are many reasons for these and I simply dismiss it and carry on. In your scenario you are going straight for the catastrophe meaning. Note this, and watch out for it when the next scenario occurs.
  12. Am in my office upstairs, sending XMAS messages, writing cards, listening to lovely soft music. Divine! 

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      Loft room now closed for the night, and I am downstairs where we are both in our own dens listening to our radios :stereo:

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      Sounds nice Roy.

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      We don't watch much TV at the moment. We both get enormous pleasure from radio 📻, me music, she the intellectual stimulus of radio 4.

  13. Why should they? What thoughts are going through your head that suggests this outcome? Look at those thoughts and challenge them.
  14. We can be happy. But first we must choose to be happy. Switch our bias from always seeking out and emphasising the good not the bad. The whole Brexit saga seems to be crashing onto the rocks of Ireland. Personally I never thought it wouldn't create a problem, especially with different factions demanding different things. But am I worrying about it? No. Concerned? Somewhat. But unless someone gives me something new upon which to cast a vote, there is nothing I can do. And it is pointless worrying about something that we can do nothing about. So I just leave it be and go about my own business.
  15. We can consider this concept from another angle. Here in our lovely bungalow two sets of large French windows, at the end of the kitchen-diner and the lounge-diner respectively, look out onto what will be, after some landscaping (to be done next year) an absolutely fabulous garden, with trees at the bottom and surrounding it - and the tall grey chimneys of a nearby mansion (now converted into flats). What we see in the garden is beauty. Trees, plants, decking and garden furniture, and birds on the feeder. But if you look at the garden from the cold light of nature's reality, it's a battlefield. Weeds throttle plants, ivy eats into fencies, birds and toads eat slugs, disease attacks the flowers and shrubs, weather rots the fences, ladybirds eat aphids, predator birds like kestrels and buzzards eat the other birds. I choose to see the beauty and ignore the warfare. But an OCD-sufferer might only focus on and awfulise about the warfare.