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  1. It's nice to hear Xmas music and see decorations. But what a strange festive period.

  2. I would think you would be wise to stay at home this year of all years. You can facetime or zoom them or whatever but why take any risks when it isn't necessary? Re them and safety in their home, you can only ask them to take reasonable Covid-19 safeguards. You can't enforce your OCD additional rules and compulsions on them, nor should they agree to them. Remember, OCD brings a high level of enhanced feelings of responsibility and threat, neither of which non-sufferers experience or deem necessary. Whether your folks decide to see your brother's family is up to them but it would be of course fine for you to raise any reasonable covid risk concerns. It's then theirs and your brother's decision.
  3. An important thing to bear in mind is that the depression in OCD tends to be secondary I. e. caused by the OCD itself. So unless the patient is going about tackling their OCD with CBT then, without some help, it may get out of control. So if the drug helps with that depression - as prozac does for my sister - then even if it doesn't directly help with intrusions it may ease the anxiety/depression and help the sufferer engage with therapy. When you consider contamination OCD, what's going on? The brain is seeing threat where others see very little - people who may well be very intelligent, not risk-takers. Teaching the brain that the threats it is throwing up aren't what they seem needs cognitive behavioural therapy including exposure and response prevention. In conclusion, my own personal take on the meds is that they may well help the sufferer to better engage with therapy. And there just might be a reduction in the intensity of the OCD, but for whom, and with what, is unknown.
  4. I have been taking 50mg Sertraline for almost a year. The medics wanted me to use 100 mg but I can't tolerate the side effect of diarrhoea. I tried prozac before, same problem. It hasn't had any effect on my intrusive thoughts. But it does work well as an antidepressant when my OCD is in remission and the thoughts are just occasional as the CBT I have had works well then. My psychiatrist was certain, from her experience,that the prozac would help with my intrusions, but I couldn't take it. Whether any one drug will help with intrusions, for any one person, is unfortunately something of a hit or miss thing. You don't have to wait for the NHS to start CBT .There are excellent self-help books available to take people through this. I did a workbook with my wife helping me. Check out the books on the main OCD website. Meanwhile, don't try and push away the thoughts or neutralise them, This makes them stronger.Try to reduce physical and mental rituals ( such as ruminating) as these too make the intrusions more powerful. Use a distraction, stand back from them, refocus away onto other things and keep working on this .
  5. More rain. Just what we needed.

    1. daja


      Nice weather. For ducks...

  6. Book signings are an easy way to meet celebs. A celeb is simply one of us who made good.When GBG's screenplay gets published she wil;l become one!
  7. Been exchanging mail with my sister in law in Sheffield. Had some fun setting up wireless printing for the new tablet, but it's a great piece of kit. Apparently Samsung's business is booming partly due to the dropped demand for China's Huawei products.
  8. Yeh. You have to be in our Costa on Sunday when it opens to get a seat. Later, no seats other than outside.
  9. He's trudging back, still struggling with looping thoughts. But he's reappearing and hopes to get more minutes on the pitch
  10. Pubs and restaurants going back to normal. Not wearing a face mask. Normal charity fundraising.
  11. Brilliant well done. I bought a Samsung galaxy tablet and love it. My required Windows 10 update on my laptop was a disaster, plus I have problems now with using the keyboard with my left hand. The tablet, and a stylus, are the solution.
  12. I am taking a little time out to remind myself of what pleases and soothes me. It's been a great summer for me with great support and care from my wife. Lots of successful fishing. Plenty of socially-distanced contact. Lost a little weight. Been happy.
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