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  1. That's great. We don't choose to be sufferers - and around 1% of the population has OCD that significantly impacts upon their daily lives. I am pleased for you and pleased that our group here pitched in to help and support you. I am especially proud that we picked you up from the floor and floated you out engaging freely and openly with the social worker and her responding well to that. I am not generally operational on the main forums, just in the member's area, but I couldn't not step in to help Nikki in her hour of need, and I am so glad that I did.
  2. That's exactly it. The core belief behind all the fear is that what your obsessional thinking is telling you is true, and that catastrophe will follow. You need to let go of this fear the same way that Binxy did. She believed it was all make believe and recovered from it. Catastrophic thinking is absolute part and parcel of OCD. There is the falsehood followed by the fear reaction, the catastrophic thinking reaction and up can start another cycle of anxiety and distress that upsets our health and happiness.
  3. Because we aren't in the U. S. and have a different system. And this would have put far too much meaning into what was simply a checking out and understanding process. How we advised Nikki, and what she took to the meeting with the materials provided, provided a low key but helpful environment for the social worker to understand Nikki's issues, then approach her medical advisers.
  4. I am glad Julie's 5 point programme helped you on the run in to yesterday's meeting Nikki. Here are a couple of other points that may help. The OCD takes an inch and makes a mile through lies falsehoods exaggerations catastrophising. When we apply what we learn from CBT we gradually build up a programme of turning the miles back into inches, then away down to a level whereby, if they do occur, they can easily be dismissed. It won't happen if we don't learn to apply, and maintain, a process of ignoring, not connecting, not believing and not compulsing.
  5. Whether it's one or ten intrusions it is still OCD and if you push on and don't give it power it will lose strength. You know that because you have been told it. You have heard the talk and now you need to keep walking the walk πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ The thoughts don't come because you have a case to answer. The thoughts come because you, and we others, are sufferers from OCD and are paying attention to them, believe them and so suffer anxiety, carry out compulsions - and this sets up a maintaining cycle of distress.
  6. This needs to become your maxim. It doesn't matter how intense or how horrible they are, or how bad a reaction they try to create, they are actually mental junk. OCD thoughts are just thoughts, they are not reality. So stop that ruminating, and follow the wise words of Roy and your Dad.
  7. Legend said he is focusing on helping his local community in the Cambridge area.
  8. Excellent. Now, don't worry about it, get on with what we have been telling you to do and don't get sucked in by any intrusions in whatever guise they might come along.
  9. Confessing is a compulsion and any relief would be temporary then back would come the obsessional thinking. And as GBG says it would only cause distress to your partner. Move on and leave it be.
  10. Yes that's good to do. You can do this. For yourself, your partner and folks, your little one. And you have enormous support from OCD-UK and all your friends here. Just use your imagination and believe that your best online friends are with you during this meeting.
  11. That's good. Show the social worker the support network you have in place, she will be looking to assure herself around that so give a little thought to how you will answer that.
  12. Hi Nikki Hope you had a good sleep. Just follow what we have said and print the stuff off that Caramoole said. Leave Handy's comments be.
  13. Yes but the answer is still the same. Stop that line of thinking and get back to doing other things.
  14. Find something to get busy on. Stop the rumination each time it tries to start up, and refocus back to the activity. Might be clearing the kitchen, ironing, reading, watching TV - but something to occupy yourself around any needy childcare.
  15. You need to show this to her. The authorities are simply doing what they have to do. Be calm. DO NOT overthink this or catastrophise - this is simply a process that needs to be done.
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