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  1. We’re here when you need us @gingerbreadgirl haha xxx
  2. Gingerbread girl likes pulling the trigger is its?
  3. I don’t have anything similar to that but I used to have intrusive thoughts about the devil/god etc. Are you a believer? I suppose it doesn’t matter you have to deal with these in the same way all OCD has to be dealt with which is accepting the thoughts are there and resisting the compulsion xxx
  4. InOverMyHead

    An update

    Your doing so well! Just accept the guilts there and continue not doing your compulsions xx
  5. InOverMyHead

    pregnant and POCD

    Hi Nikki first of all congrats on your pregnancy I was in a similar situation, I wasn’t as bad at the time with OCD but I had thoughts pop up which worried me. The only advice I can give to you is to follow through with techniques you’ve been given, what do you know about OCD how it works and how to deal with it? Also being afraid it’s not OCD is an intrusive thought as well which you have to deal with the same way as other thoughts. There are numbers to call such as CATTS or perhaps you could ask for some one temperoray xxx
  6. InOverMyHead

    An update

    Yay Lily love to see a positive post, keep fighting girl xx
  7. InOverMyHead

    POCD and CBT - scared

    Hi Chels I’m glad you have support from your therapist with this, I understand that seeing things written down is scary but sometimes it’s necessary for the therapist to write them down so you can recognise the pattern in your thoughts and compulsions. Keep working with your therapist and using your techniques you’ll get better xxxx
  8. I apologise I didn’t know, I was suggesting for the anxiety I know you need to let the anxiety rise after ignoring compulsions but I didn’t think it would hurt sorry.. @Chlo @PolarBear Was only trying to help x
  9. Hi Chlo my Mum and me both like Bach Drops, you can get different drops for different worries/emotions and it’s suppose to help those balance out, you can get more info and they sell them at www.bachcentre.com they also sell general herbal remedy in pharmacists and the more specific ones in health shops which may be or may not be cheaper but it’s the same product also muscle relaxation/meditation twice a day you can download loads on your own phone and also have a little look at an app called What’s Up it’s really good xxxx
  10. InOverMyHead


    @Franklin12 and everyone else can I also just point out going into real life dangerous situations may not help with OCD also, sure it provides a distraction but what about it it doesn’t or the years after you’ve left? Please please think about this before anyone hops on the let’s go to war train!! ;) rant over xxx
  11. InOverMyHead

    Types of therapy

    Hey FeeFee sounds a lot like Social Anxiety to me, there is info if you type it into google hope this helps and points you towards good help xxx
  12. Hi Chlo I’m sorry this is affecting you so much! Lost has given some great advice So def follow that you can also use relaxation excercises or herbal remedy’s to take the edge of the anxiety too xxx
  13. InOverMyHead

    Am I doomed?

    Your not doomed there are tons of places out there have you tried researching what’s in your area or perhaps going back to your GP. They shouldn’t of discharged you they should of referred you elsewhere xxx
  14. Whatever it is you’ll get through it as a family. If he’s not diagnosed that’s fine if he is that’s also fine there are great people out there who know a lot about these conditions and how to help, my advice research research research xx
  15. InOverMyHead

    I know, mr repeat

    I agree with Gingerbread Girl, we are all here for you. What would you say to someone else who had this problem or had done this? Truly think about it are you getting any therapy?