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  1. Wow this is great, well done ✅
  2. You are doing so well. Keep going ??
  3. Hi Laura I have and found it helpful. Give it a go and see what you think. It's good to not feel so alone I think. That's what I have found with my IAPT treatment it just wasn't enough but I did make some progress. Hope you get something to help soon.
  4. This is so good thank you for sharing and I hope it goes ok for you ?
  5. https://metro.co.uk/2020/07/01/mum-couldnt-around-baby-fear-harm-due-maternal-ocd-12926397/
  6. Makes sense to me. I had been thinking about what I could do to prevent getting to that point day to day so trying to sleep more. I didn't get much further than that though!
  7. I completely understand where you are coming from @ecomum I am trying to get out for a walk each day to start with Hope you can get our and about
  8. Is there any support from the school? I know our local high school has a mental health worker, obviously not for this level of need, but perhaps they could give some practical advice or support in the mean time, or from the college she is hoping to attend. I know some are working from home via phone/video call. Have you checked out the books to buy from this website? The more knowledge you have the better to be able to help your daughter. There may be some resources for young people if you browse the website. You are doing great and I hope the help you both need won't be too long in coming.
  9. Hello if you go to the front page of the website you will find links to an article and also the latest copy of OCDUK's magazine to download which has heaps of relevant articles to read. These are tricky times and it's hard to know I find when behaviour is being caused by OCD or is not particularly problematic. Take care
  10. I haven't used this in my OCD treatment but have in the past been advised to use it for generalised anxiety (it didn't work because I didn't have generalised anxiety but that's another story!)
  11. When you've just joined the self isolating club.... All are well(ish) but following the advice

  12. Good point! Same here! I'm concerned about having to go out again.
  13. I'd say 15/16 and it's peaked and troughed since then but it's only within the past year I've realised it was always OCD but never recognised it. I'm 37 right now. Hey ho!
  14. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2020/mar/13/why-regular-handwashing-can-be-bad-advice-for-patients
  15. I totally relate to this! I have super clean taps, fridge door and front door handle but that's about it! So hard and everything takes so long, even a "simple" task like emptying the dishwasher. Have you had any CBT/ERP therapy or read any good books (eg Break free from OCD) that you could use to design some behavioural experiments? I should try this myself!
  16. I can empathise... Every time I speak to my parents it's the same. My dad appears to have health anxiety so this is not helping him either. I had to tell him to just stop the other day! And tomorrow I will be at work where it will be talked of again ?
  17. So that's what recovery feels like... celebrating a little win! Take that OCD ?

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    2. Andrea


      Brilliant! :clap:keep going Lollipop!:57439eb60db27_thumbup:

    3. gingerbreadgirl


      Yeahhhh well done lollipop!! :) 

  18. Thanks! So for me as I see it in day to day life my current focus is to aim to stick to the recommended guidelines of when to wash/sanitise hands (which is still restrictive compared to my usual routines!) and wash hands only once for twenty seconds or sanitise if out and about say on public transport or eating but not to start cleaning my hands every five minutes or when I've touched something someone else has touched (me yesterday at work ?‍♀️). Phew! Slightly amused to still be reducing drastically whilst presumably the advice is to increase when general public are washing their hands! Also not to avoid public places/going out unless that advice is given to us. And definitely not to keep reading the news and related articles umpteen times a day! I started this to not be avoiding it...now it's feeding my fear and I'm reading the add on stories and related comments and it's all about door handles and the like and completely unhelpful! Now I feel like I have some guidelines to work within and positive steps to take, not forgetting what I'm fighting for in the long term, thanks Ashley. ?
  19. So helpful! Thank you so much for this! It's something I personally am really struggling with dealing with and am concerned about the set back it could cause to my recovery. So tricky! I assume it would be helpful to share this with my therapist?
  20. Sounds like you have it under control though and have recognised it so well done you! I am concerned it's going to set me back on my recovery journey. I was reading the articles as not reading them felt like avoidance but now I can't stop reading them and stupidly I read the comments on an article comparing hand sanitizer and hand washing and another about ten places it's lurking (to be fair some of that was useful and has made me less scared of coins!). I just want it to go away! I am also concerned that if I'm not reading them then that is negligent and ignoring the risks.
  21. That made me laugh out loud so thanks for that ???
  22. So hard isn't it? I'm currently in therapy and getting so confused about what to do.
  23. When your OCD is contamination themed and it's seemingly impossible to find hand sanitiser in the shops ?

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    2. Andrea


      I know it can be confusing. In my case, I don't use hand sanitiser and nothing bad has happened. I also know that it is easier for me don't use it because my OCD is not about contamination. Keep in mind that OCD is a big fat liar and nothing bad is going to happen if you don't use hand sanitiser.

    3. Lollipop


      Thank you ? 

      I frequently try and remember my Gran lived to the grand old age of 90 with a bar of soap ?

    4. Andrea


      That is an excellent reminder Lollipop :57439eb60db27_thumbup:

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