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  1. Having a real tough time with the heat, cramp and a nasty headache tonight. 

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    2. taurean


      Hi Gemma. I have been sitting in the garden, reading and listening to the radio. 

      Still full of arousal chemicals though. Something spooked me several days ago and that led to the arousal and the cramps - and of course the heat doesn't help. 

      Julie's making Risotto for dinner and there is plenty in the Virgin can to watch over dinner - and the lounge is the coolest part of the bungalow in the afternoon and evening. 

      Gentle thoughts not the OCD take on things is the key to overcome this. Ease into pleasant gentle thinking and the body will calm and the cramp recede. 

    3. Andrea


      Hi Roy ❤️ I hope the cramp recede soon. It sucks when we feel sick. You have a very good attitude to deal with this. Stay strong! 

    4. taurean


      Thanks Andrea. Slept well and it feels a little cooler. Just now reading, with a relaxation CD 💿 playing in the background. 

      It's only 07.00 hrs here, and we only have one essential task to do today. 

      So I am planning to carry on with my book, in bed then in the shade here, and seek out mental peace, which will also calm down my body. 

      Mind body and spirit interact beneficially or otherwise, and regaining the beneficial is my aim. 

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