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Achievements Thread - Pat on The Back

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It's so common to come on the forum and read about the terrible times people are struggling with due to OCD.  It's not that often that we read about people's achievements.  I thought it could be useful to log some of those here.  They don't need to be massive ones either or even OCD challenges.  If you're feeling very low and anxious, going to the shop or cleaning the bathroom can be an achievement.  Delaying compulsions or doing something you normally avoid due to OCD another.  It's so easy to overlook something we've done when really, we deserve a pat on the back.

So let's have them.  What have you achieved today?  Only one rule......no negatives allowed.  These are just the achievements, not how things may have declined later in the day.  We have individual threads for those :)

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I managed to bring myself back from ruminating thoughts a few times today and stopped trying to get rid of the anxiety. Then I concentrated on other things that I wanted to do and the anxiety went on it’s own. 

These are the hardest compulsions for me too so really pleased ?

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I topped up my gas and electric meters on-line today.  This was only the 4th time I have done this since I had smart meters fitted in early December.  The level of checking and anxiety on my first top up was quite high.  Each time I have topped up I have tried to practice the one check and then press submit.

Today, I did it.  Entered details, one check and pressed submit.  I then went straight and made a nice lunch.  By the time I was eating lunch I had completely forgotten about the job I had just done.  After lunch one quick glance at the smart meter showed the new credit was on.  Another step along Recovery Road.  :clap:

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I managed to go outside today to my local shopping centre being able to let my intrusive thoughts just be, alongside my social anxiety being okay today :) I feel very proud of myself because it’s proved to me that if a medication doesn’t work it’s not The be all or end all and you can feel okay with no medication of if your ocd is medication resistant :) 

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That's great Summer.  Shopping centres are quite an achievement, lots of people and you're well inside.....so Well Done, keep doing these challenges regularly, be proud of your achievements, remember them when you wobble and keep building on them :)

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I made a thread about it when it happened, but I had an obsession linked to a family member who we visited and I was able to not ruminate or worry and even achieved a sense of calm at certain points. 

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I’ve had a good day in letting stuck thoughts pass and focussing on other things.  The anxiety is there but it’s quietening a little and as much as the thoughts keep sneaking in, I’ve not let them steal as much of my day as usual ?.

I’m now going to go on a walk and going to pick up a new book (haven’t read in such a long time as my mind races) as a treat.

Hope everyone else is doing well and counting the little victories along the way.

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I was having a lot of intrusive thoughts this week, but managed to focus on business related stuff and achieved something very great for our investment company after a very long night. Instead of ruminating about the thoughts, which I sadly still occasionally do, I instead 100% and completely focused on finding the solution for the problem we had. Well: I did find the solution! 

The great thing is: The solution I found will bring my company tons of income, and I'm quite happy, that I was able to not give a single thought about the thoughts, once I had enough determination to focus on this. In fact, we already generate commerce because of the solution! In older times, I had to stop doing business related stuff, because my intrusive thoughts lead me to rumination for like every single second of my day. Obviously, my whole company was heavily affected by me not being there, as I'm not only one of the founders, but also the actual "brain" of the company. We effectively lost money. Without the visionary, there is no vision to go for.

But after today I feel like, as if I'm back on track! 

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9 minutes ago, northpaul said:

Caramoole, you deserve a pat on the back too!  This has indeed been an uplifting thread.  :cheers:

Absolutely, thanks for posting it ?. It’s helpful to motivate me to look for those little achievements, even on the bad days.

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I coped quite well with various contamination triggers when looking after my toddler niece and nephew today- things like backs of shoes being handled by family members (which usually triggers compulsions), walking along a busy path, not stressing out too much about food being dropped on the floor and then eaten (obviously I tried to grab it before it could be but it was tricky!) and handling toys that had been sitting on the floor (I usually wear gloves to lift anything from the floor). 

I'm worried about jinxing things by focusing on positives but I guess that's my OCD speaking!

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This is a great thread, and I'd like to contribute by saying how I have been going about tackling my number one trigger, the News.

What happens with me and the news is not an uncommon occurrence amongst those of us with harm OCD. We come across a news story with a harm theme, our OCD focuses hard on it and won't let it go, plus it tells us that we could do that thing that's covered by the story - it personalised, to us, that story.

What I have learned is not to go into compulsions, denials, worry it won't stop etc.

But rather, to learn to take a detached view. To accept that I KNOW it's all OCD and not at all connected to me, and learn not to dwell on it - leave it stuck in mental focus - but rather simply note it, then move on.

This took a lot of work, and the gradual building up of exposure and response prevention.

I  knew what I had to do.And I had guidance from here, plus my therapist, in what to do. I added in some very  focused activities - in my case joining a very active full-on photography club, and taking two adult learning classes in archaeology and history.

And I practised and practised how to switch my focus away from obsessional thinking, into a state of Mindfulness, where I could just "be" , in the present in the moment.

It's working nicely, and I have also, on this journey, strengthened by mental resilience, which previously has been poor.

My message is, from those little gains we can achieve on a daily basis, as recorded on this thread, we can build, we can go forward, and we can - gradually, but slowly and surely - win back the control of our thinking and actions away from obsessional thinking and the carrying out of compulsions.

This happens when we cross the gain line between being defeated, and starting  to win.

I believe all of us, however much we think we don't,  do have the ability to do this if we believe we can, and we build up our gains on a daily basis.

This thread can be the start of something really big. We CAN all build up momentum,  approach, then cross the gain line, then start pushing back the power of the OCD and starting to win.

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Weekends have been particularly tough recently as I think I have too much time to think but this weekend I was determined to enjoy parts of it.

Intrusive thoughts have come and some have persisted at times but I managed to quieten them by not fighting them and to enjoy myself anyway. I lessened the time spent on them ?.

I’ve started a new book which has been a challenge for me. I usually look up what happens in books and films or anything, as I can’t stand the uncertainty but I’m determined not to this time.

Managed lots of walks and fresh air which has been really good and tried to be more present. 

Small steps ?

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2 hours ago, determination987 said:

 Trying to find even the smallest positives is helping.

.......and there will be some :) That's why it's important to acknowledge them, give yourself credit and build on them.  As you said above, "Small Steps"  and as the old proverb says, "Each journey starts with one small step"

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and another pat on he head for @Cora & @Ma29 who may not feel they've achieved much and haven't come here to report it but no matter how difficult their day's been have resisted some compulsions today by not confessing or looking for reassurance when I'm sure they probably wanted to.....so Well Done both, that's an achievement :hug:

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41 minutes ago, Caramoole said:

Forgot to give you a pat on the head Roy but you know that goes without saying :)

My "pat on the head" was being able to show how, when we start to build momentum from these little gains, we do start to minimise the time available to OCD, and begin to curb its power. 

Determination's post showed the start of this process, and that's great to see and encourage ?


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