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Hey You Guys

I have thought of little else but OCD for the previous two years or so. I have made some good friends here on the forum and received some invaluable support.

It’s time, I feel, to move forward and to have a crack at life on life’s terms. I am, therefore, plotting an extended period of absence, beginning over the day or so.

To this end, I would like to wish you all the very best in your ongoing endeavours. It’s been a privilege knowing you all. Take care and good luck.


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Hi Od,

I wish you all the best, you have helped me alot of times over the 12 months or so I have been a regular on here. In many ways I see you as one of the back bones of the forum. I know you have struggled a bit recently, I hope your feeling a bit better now?

Don't feel you cant pop back on from time to time if you need support or if your doing well it would still be great to hear from you.

Don't be away too long, you will be a miss to the forums.

Take care.



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Hey OD. 

Most people who recover stay the heck away from anything to do with OCD. They want to get on with their lives.

You stuck around to help others. Noble. You've done your time. Go grab a fist full of life and go for a ride.

All the best.

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Good luck to you too. Try to pop back now and again, it always good to hear how people are getting on. 

Look after yourself :)

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3 hours ago, OceanDweller said:

It’s time, I feel, to move forward and to have a crack at life on life’s terms.

I always appreciate your experienced, down-to-earth attitude to life, OceanDweller. 'Life' had better watch out. :D Enjoy your journey!

I hear there are inns along the route with internet access - should you ever wish to pop in. :) 

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Take care OD.

Leave with the knowledge you have made a difference and lent a helping hand to others.

Best Wishes and Regards,


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Wishing you all the best OceanDweller, as the quote says (Life is a beautiful ride) so go and have the best ride of your life, you deserve it :yes:

Best wishes, 


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Hi OD,

I will miss your wit, your compassion, and your incredible insight. You have such a wonderful gift with words. You've helped so many people on here. You're one in a million and you deserve to be so happy. Enjoy life and good luck with everything. Thank you so much for all of your help.  Wishing you everything OD. Take care and all my best wishes, Em. X


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Thank you all for your very generous responses. I am truly humbled. This is a wonderful, inclusive forum and I feel blessed to have been a part of such a wonderful community.

Look after yourselves y’all.

OD signing off...

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