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Met Any Nice Celebrities?

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Hello All

I hope everyone is doing well and avoiding the torrential rain we have had recently!! (Certainly here in the West Country!-  ITV News showed some localised flooding in Gloucestershire last night ☹️).

Anyway, to cheer us all up, I have come up with an idea.  

Does anyone have any nice, uplifting celebrity encounters?  Have you met someone famous who was really nice or considerate?  

I will kick off - someone I once new who worked at Harrods said that the nicest person he had met was Penelope Keith.  

In 2011, I went to the Little Theatre in Bath to see the eighteenth century play "She Stoops to Conquer", starring Colin Baker.  He was the Sixth Incarnation of "Doctor Who" between 1984 and 1987.  http://www.colinbakeronline.com/.  He was a gentleman who met about five of us Doctor Who fans at the theatre door.  I explained that my elderly mother is a lifelong science fiction fan and has watched "Doctor Who" since the very first episode in 1963.  Mr Baker was very kind and signed a personalised autograph for her, which still has pride of place on her bedroom wall!  

My friend Martin presents a programme for our local community access radio station on "Nostalgia" and vintage film / TV.  He said that Janet Ellis was lovely to meet (for young people -  she is Sophie Ellis Bextor's mum and presented Blue Peter in the eighties).  

And finally, a friend called Dom writes to a lot of celebrities.  I asked him who the most kind was, and he said Don Henderson, an actor who appeared in the famous "War Council" scene in Star Wars https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don_Henderson .  He wrote a lengthy letter, photocopied scripts and photos and sent Dom a Christmas Card every year until he passed on in 1997.  

What are your celebrities guys?

Tez ?

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Brian Blessed:  he was adorable. Quite camp, I suppose, I'd never realised before, but does his booming voice at the drop of a hat, just for fun.

Kate Adie: I interviewed her, which was nervewracking.

I also interviewed Fay Weldon, but that was by phone. I was supposed to interview Vic Reeves too (alongside Bob Mortimer's he's my favourite comedian), before he went on stage to do a talk about a book he'd written, but I didn't get the chance in the end, as there were only a few minutes left until the start of the show and he'd gone out for a cigarette because he was nervous.

I didn't completely meet him one to one, but I was flown to Paris by Bruce Dickinson, the singer of Iron Maiden - as in he was actually flying the plane! He came out of the cockpit and played the Benny Hill theme on a kazoo before we set off, not something you normally get from your pilot. He gave a talk to a group of us at a recording studio in Paris, sneaking in at the back andstarting to play piano softly before anyone realised he was there.

I've met a few government ministers and shadow ministers too. Most famous of them would be William Hague.



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I had the pleasure of meeting actor George Takei (Sulu from Star Trek) about 12 years ago. He  was very friendly and kind.
I also met Steve Wozniak, cofounder of Apple once.  We have the same birthday so that was cool.

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I spoke to Vivienne Westwood one-time when I used to work for American Express. She was incredibly nice, a lovely lady. :57439eb60db27_thumbup:

Once, when I worked for HMV I had the dubious honour of serving Hip-Hop legend Afrika Bambaataa. He was rude and arrogant.... a total bell-end! :thumbdown:

A few years back, after he had played a gig in Hull, I got to speak to Happy Mondays frontman Shaun Ryder. He was a true gent, a really nice bloke.:clapping: 



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On 28/09/2020 at 09:50, Jumbo said:

A few years back, after he had played a gig in Hull, I got to speak to Happy Mondays frontman Shaun Ryder. He was a true gent, a really nice bloke.:clapping: 

You’re twisting my melon man! ?

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I met Ashley, and Professor Paul Salkovskis, at the OCD-UK conference last year. Two wonderful celebs ?

I have also met Carol Vorderman, Bill Pertwee, (book signings) and Dr Stephan Buszaski, the renowned TV botanist and plantsman. 

I  met Michael Aspel and his then wife, many years ago. 

On one occasion, in the City of London, I walked out of our local pub to the office to find TV presenter and actor Tony Robinson on his mobile phone on the pavement outside, presumably intending to enter when he finished his call. He likes his pubs and was probably scheduled to meet people in ours. 

And, on another occasion, just across the road from there, outside Old Spitalfields Market, I nearly literally bumped into the wonderful TV presenter Clare Balding; we both managed to stop, smiled at each other, before continuing our journeys. 




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1 hour ago, taurean said:

Just thought I would paste Wiki's definition of celebrity here:

"A celebrity is a person who is wide recognised in a given society and commands a degree of public and media attention".


Like Ashley and Professor Paul Salkovskis? :-)

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My dad had a pint with Reggie Kray, he didn’t know who he was until he left and the barman told him. He said he seemed a nice bloke. My brother stood on the foot of Barry McGuigan in a chip shop but he was so drunk he didn’t even feel it lol. 

my brother also met Tony Robinson. Well he was in the same pub as him when he was filming time team but he said he wasn’t very nice and got chucked out the bar, which was a disappointment to me as I always like Baldeick. 

My nan met Prince Charles. He was doing something and she was trying to get to the supermarket and there was a crowd and so she tapped this man on the shoulder and when he turned around it was Prince Charles, he was very nice apparently and she was so happy, he made her life I think, she phoned everyone she knew.


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I once had a book signed by Rick Stein, he seemed ok but it was a 5 second chat. I once got Peter Schmeichel's autograph, again a 5 second chat.

I was once in a pub restaurant with my wife and Monty Donn the TV gardener turned up too. we assumed he was in town doing some filming, there seemed to be a few TV types with him. we didn't speak with him, I thought he seemed ok after hearing snatches of conversation , my wife thought he was a tad too keen on himself they ordered some wine and he corrected the waitresses pronunciation on the French translation. I thought he did it nicely and was not trying to be clever but I think my wife thought otherwise.

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8 hours ago, gingerbreadgirl said:

haha no unfortunately not! in fact I'm not sure I've ever met anyone famous - where does everyone meet them?!

if i do come across him i'll be sure to send him your way :D 

Yea please! Lol

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